Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here is my interpretation of something positive about a
person I may not always agree with.

This is also my first TLC trading Card. I will be using it in
a swap in the next couple of weeks.

I have decided that I will also do several cards following with this theme of finding something positive to represent someone I may not always agree with.

I hope you are taking time to embrace the imperfections of not only others but yourself. In order to accept others as well as yourself you have to be willing to embrace not only the good stuff but the not so great as well.

Hope you had a great weekend. I will continue to post this project through the rest of the week.

Friday, June 27, 2008

What inspires you

I have found that the most unlikely things can inspire me. For instance I just finished watching wanted the new movie starring Angelina Jolie. Now, this is a very violent movie with cursing, sex and a bit of rock and roll to add some spice. This is not an endorsement for the movie. Just a topic that popped in my head as I was watching it. The lead female character (Fox) I found very interesting. She clung to her beliefs. They defined who she was. There was no deviation from that core belief. Even when she has to make a decision of life or death.

Now, to the inspirational part. I have always like Angelina, when I say like her I mean I admire the fact that what you see is what you get. She does not hide her faults, mistakes. She owns the decisions that she has made whether they are good or bad. I do not agree with everything she she has done or does. But, I think she is someone who I could admire. Though I have no desire to meet her, I do find her interesting in how she constantly pushes herself to improve, to live life.

I would like to challenge all of you who has stumbled onto this blog to put together either a mini book, page or whatever dealing with someone or something you may not agree with. The reason for this is really pretty simple. We meaning us people, humans are more than just what you see. There are things that if we really look at each other whether you dislike someone or not there are admirable things that can be found in them if you look. Things that make us think that maybe just maybe that particular person is a whole lot more than just what is seen on the surface. Dive deeper. Really look at someone that you do not agree with. You may be able to learn something from them. Stop surrounding yourself with others that only agree with you. Expand yourself. Learn new ideas; find out why you don't like or agree with certain things. Don't just go on what has always been. Challenge yourself with really listening to someone. Stop fighting, pushing to change their minds to your way of thinking. Find something that they do that is inspiring, intriguing, giving whatever.

I will post some pictures of things that I admire about Angelina, things that I find admirable. Things that I think are brave. Now, that does not mean that you have to begin to like, hang out, "stalk" this person. I am not asking you to change your ideals morals. The point is to stop the arguing and truly try to understand and maybe at the very least understand that person and why they feel the way they feel. Instead of being more concerned with how you feel. You do not need to know this person. If can be anyone either close or just someone in the news. Just try to find something admirable about them. Hopefully you will maybe find out why you feel as you do or at the very least learn something. This exercise is more about you then it is about the other person. It is about you trying to be more. More understanding, more civil to other. To just be more.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life is about right now

As I was working Murphy this weekend on a search a couple things came to me. First how much I really enjoy seeing a well trained dog do his job; second how as a handler I at times tie my feelings of success and failure both during trainings and missions to my dog . If he finds I am on top of the world, if he doesn't find I am down and upset with both of us. Now, this may sound a bit off; but go with me here.

When you train a dog you put a whole lot of yourself into that training. The dogs failures and success are tied to you; because you are the one teaching him the behaviors. Now, the problem comes in when you become so absorbed in the outcome you forget THAT it is a process. You are training a dog to complete a series of tasks that have a specific outcome. In my case find the HRD (human remains) and once this is accomplished tell me you (the dog) did and where it is. It is a journey. There is never an end. What I am trying to get across is you never stop teaching and hopefully the dog never stops learning. If you do it correctly sometimes the roles will get reversed. When that happens it is absolutely amazing.

As Murphy and I are walking back to base camp totally exhausted, frustrated with how the weather made the search impossible for Murphy to do his job. I realized I was making this all about ME. I did not find the missing person, I was hot and uncomfortable. I, I, I. Every sentence in my head started with an I. I look down and see Murphy enjoying the fact he got a chance to do what he was bred to do and that was enough for him. His tail was up, he was tired yes, but he had done his best. He was not upset that we did not find, or that he did not get his ball (his reward). He gave his best and when that did not work out he was ready to move on. The outcome is not always going to be positive. I will not always be able to give the family their missing member back, or help the authorities complete a case. But, I will ALWAYS have the knowledge my dog and I did our very best. We tried; that is enough.

I think we and I mean all of us at times get so caught up in getting there that we forget to enjoy the journey. There is so much we can learn be it a dog or just our surroundings it really does boggle the mind. Stop, look around you, breath, be thrilled you are able to be here, where ever here is for you. We all have a purpose and that purpose is not to always be the star; the one who brings the missing home. Our purpose is to keep moving forward. To be happy that we can try and help others be it your family, close friends or a stranger. Slow down look around you. There is so much beauty that in my rush I am missing it. As long as I did my very best; as long as I put the very best training I can into my dog then THAT is all I can ask of myself. Be satisfied that Murphy and I did our very best.

I am learning that life becomes to fast, complicated, overwhelming when I hurry the journey. I am trying to get to my destination instead of putting my focus on the right now. "Training" is a life time endeavor it never stops know matter what you are trying to accomplish in your life. If I am always wishing, praying for an outcome then I am not focusing on what is in front of me right now.

So, my goal is to stop look around be focused on what I am doing right now; put all of my energy into that instead of hoping for tomorrow's success. Today's success are being made and I am missing them in my hast for tomorrow's success.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Online scrabooking classes

I have become quite enamored with the website. I love everything about it. I have taken so many classes that I have gotten completely and hopelessly behind in quite a few of them. Now, you would think I would be upset about this. Paying for classes and not staying up with them is kind of a revisit to college for me. But, this is quite different. I have the ability (and so would you) to save the handout's, down load the audio files and come back to them when I can. I absolutely love this. It goes with Stacy Julian's philosophy of no quilt when it comes to scrapbooking.

When I took my first class it just so happened to be a Stacy class. In almost all of her classes she has repeated and repeated let go of the guilt. It makes so much sense to me now. I am one of those people that feels guilt over everything. This I am sure is my Mother's fault. Any and all unfavorable characteristic I like to blame on her whether she deserves it or not (for the record she is truly awesome and deserves no fault; but I must shift some of this to someone and she got the short straw). I believe I was a Catholic in another life (this is not to be a put down to Catholicism my husband happens to be one). It was such a relief to have someone say it is OK to be behind in your scrapbooking. It is suppose to be FUN. If it is not fun why do it. Well I guess all I needed was the permission to let it go (the guilt).

Now, in a long winded way this brings me to why I brought up BPS. I am just finishing up a class called The Art of Becoming More. This class has really made me think. It is a class that helps you become more aware of how you treat people around you; especially those you love. Now, because some of the handouts are a bit difficult to do because they ask some very personal questions about yourself. It has been wonderful to be able to down load the handouts, print them out. Then in my case stare at them for a couple of days or in some cases a couple of weeks. I am not a person who is into self help books, worksheet or any of the physiological babble that is on the shelves now days. Saying that, this class or maybe it just is the instructor's Kolette and Jason that have been intuitive enough to see that everyone needs a refresher course on how to treat each other. They have helped me become better at not just treating my loved ones and friends better; but more importantly I believe people I don't know all that well.

Now, I jump around alot but bear with me I do have a point to make. I am a news junky and lately it seems all I see and hear are people treating each other very, very cruelly. From the political scene to a man being hit on the street and nobody coming to his aide. It seems that all of us need to take a step back. As we are talking, debating, or even arguing with someone are we attacking them or are we communicating. I think if you take a minute and really listen to people around you you too will see how those around us (including ourselves) are giving up the art of communicating. Instead of educating we are attacking each other, hurting each other .

Life is more interesting if you can talk with someone who is not necessarily in agreement with you. It is good to see other side's of a problem, argument. But, I do not believe that is happening anymore. I happen to be a right wing nut so to speak. But, most of my friends are left wing nuts. I say this not in being a smart ass; but in saying we all have a political side we believe in. I do not wish to surround myself with people who think only as I do. If that was the case I would look in the mirror and know all was good in my world. I want to learn, understand both sides of the spectrum. How can I understand why I feel as I do if I don't understand how others feel and why. This makes for a very interesting and pretty much wonderful world.

So, what I am asking everyone to do as the election comes closer and you pick your candidate please try and listen, learn something new from others around you. You do not have to agree, but you must understand that they have a right A GOD GIVEN RIGHT paid for in the BLOOD of our military to feel and believe as they do. So, educate yourself on your candidate but also maybe you should surf over to BPS and take a class on how you can become more. I promise you will become a better person for it. Scrapbooking is not just about putting pictures together, it is and can be so much more. I would hope in my small way I personally can be the change I want to see in the world. I do not have to yell or hurt someone else, I just have to be better at being a bit more understanding to those around me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The begining of a blogger

Well this is my first post as a blogger. I am no sure how this will all turn out, but as time goes on hopefully each post (not counting this one; it is my first) will get better. So bare with me as I start this little adventure in the virtual world.

As you see to the right that little slide show is where I get to show case my scrapbook art. I believe that is going to be the very best part. I get to make my very own art gallery. It will be all about me. Now, tell me how great is that. I have also decided to dive into ATC Card swapping. So, wish me luck in not embarrassing myself as I join their ranks.

Not sure why I wanted to start this whole blogging, scrapbook idea. Other than a way to say to the world that I inhabited this spot. I lived, I loved, I mourned, I celebrated while I had my time here on this planet. I believe I became more interested in sharing things recording things about those I love when I lost my nephew Heath. It was a right hook in the face that those I love will not always be here. That I will not always have tomorrow to say I love you, you made me angry, to know with out doubt that those I love will be right where I left them.

I want to share why I scrapbook. What brought me to this particular art form of recording life. Now, I posted this to a web site already when asked why I scrapbook. But, I want to have it posted to MY site. I want everyone who takes the time out of their busy day to read my posts how very important it is to take a moment and record the everyday moments you have with those you love. Everyday moments are not just everyday. They are our master piece. Our "art" for lack of a better word that adds weight to what we share and have with those we choose to surround ourselves with.

The importance of scrapbooking came to me only 3 years ago last April. The 25Th of April to be exact. It was the day I lost my nephew Heath. I know many people have lost someone close to them. But, I was one of the lucky ones before that day. I had never lost anyone other than Grandparents; though sad understandable. I guess most of us see it as a natural progression of life. We being lucky enough to have them in our lives to learn from and just enjoy the unconditional love they offer.

I not being able to have children was given unconditional access to Heath. My sister and I being sisters had our fights, disagreements and petty jealous that come with being siblings. The day she had Heath she gave me a gift that was straight from GOD. She said that Heath was not only hers but mine as well. I would have unconditional access to him as if he was my own. True to her word that was that.

I fell in love with one of the oldest looking elf's anyone had ever seen on December 28Th 1994. Looking into his eyes was the day I understood what people meant when the term "old soul" is said to describe a person. Heath was one of the wrinkliest little humans I had every seen, with eyes the size of saucers. I was in love.

I never once thought I would need to worry about too many photo's or writing down funny little things he said. There would always be tomorrow. I am now very much aware of time slipping by. Of each moment needing to be recorded in some way if it is significant to me.

Now, you may think this would be the end of the story. No, it is not. It was only a chapter. I may have lost Heath but through scrapbooking I relive those moments each time I put a page or mini book together. I may have forgotten some of the small things but those are few.

Understanding how things do not always stay as I think they should; I make sure I enjoy and record every moment that has significance to me with Heath's little brother. He has taught me that there are superheros. Heath was my anchor my serious little man examining everything around him. Deric is my superhero. Where Heath was the giver; Deric is the practical joker; there is always something to look forward to NO matter what. That may not seem like a superhero. But being reminded that every single day is a gift and we MUST cherish it is something a superhero does; at least in my eyes.

This hobby has shown me that the everyday is not little but HUGE. That each day is wonderful and there is joy and to take that joy and hold it; because it can be gone tomorrow. It is those little moments that are and will become the most precious of all. It is not the big days; Christmas, birthday's etc. It is the every day moments. So Love the everyday and believe in superhero's they are out there you just have to look around you. You just might have one in your family. I am lucky I was given two.

Now, off to bed for me. I hopefully did not bore you to badly with my first post.