Friday, June 27, 2008

What inspires you

I have found that the most unlikely things can inspire me. For instance I just finished watching wanted the new movie starring Angelina Jolie. Now, this is a very violent movie with cursing, sex and a bit of rock and roll to add some spice. This is not an endorsement for the movie. Just a topic that popped in my head as I was watching it. The lead female character (Fox) I found very interesting. She clung to her beliefs. They defined who she was. There was no deviation from that core belief. Even when she has to make a decision of life or death.

Now, to the inspirational part. I have always like Angelina, when I say like her I mean I admire the fact that what you see is what you get. She does not hide her faults, mistakes. She owns the decisions that she has made whether they are good or bad. I do not agree with everything she she has done or does. But, I think she is someone who I could admire. Though I have no desire to meet her, I do find her interesting in how she constantly pushes herself to improve, to live life.

I would like to challenge all of you who has stumbled onto this blog to put together either a mini book, page or whatever dealing with someone or something you may not agree with. The reason for this is really pretty simple. We meaning us people, humans are more than just what you see. There are things that if we really look at each other whether you dislike someone or not there are admirable things that can be found in them if you look. Things that make us think that maybe just maybe that particular person is a whole lot more than just what is seen on the surface. Dive deeper. Really look at someone that you do not agree with. You may be able to learn something from them. Stop surrounding yourself with others that only agree with you. Expand yourself. Learn new ideas; find out why you don't like or agree with certain things. Don't just go on what has always been. Challenge yourself with really listening to someone. Stop fighting, pushing to change their minds to your way of thinking. Find something that they do that is inspiring, intriguing, giving whatever.

I will post some pictures of things that I admire about Angelina, things that I find admirable. Things that I think are brave. Now, that does not mean that you have to begin to like, hang out, "stalk" this person. I am not asking you to change your ideals morals. The point is to stop the arguing and truly try to understand and maybe at the very least understand that person and why they feel the way they feel. Instead of being more concerned with how you feel. You do not need to know this person. If can be anyone either close or just someone in the news. Just try to find something admirable about them. Hopefully you will maybe find out why you feel as you do or at the very least learn something. This exercise is more about you then it is about the other person. It is about you trying to be more. More understanding, more civil to other. To just be more.

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