Thursday, July 17, 2008

The surgery

I have not had a chance to update the blog there has just been to much going on. The exciting news at my house is Mike is having surgery tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. for double hernia. He is one of the special ones who has two hernia's instead of the usual one. Now I know he will be fine but I am a bit nervous. You would think after his allergy problems, surprise emergency flight over to Harbor View a few years back that I would be use to this; but I guess you never get "use to this" when it is someone you love.

After the surgery he will be quiet and sleepy. Following directions being the "good boy". BUT, come Monday (which I am already hoping does not come) that will be a brand new story. It will be war of the Roses; No more along the lines of world war 3 around here. He will hate sitting and resting and doing what the doctor told him; NOTHING. He will want to go to work, he will want to do something. I don't know if they will allow him to drive or not. If they say no driving I will need to steal his keys. I will then take him to work after we have a small arguement where I tell him I don't think it is a good idea. I will give in because he will threaten to walk to work. So, being the wonderful wife that I am I will drive him to work. After an hour or so he should call me ready to come home. Complaining all the way because he will have over done it. Old story, but one that seems to keep being written around here.

I am changing the subject for now. I am sure through the following weeks (6 to be exact) I will be filling you in on all the exciting battles that will be going on around here.

I am finding that my unorganized ways are just not cutting it any more. I am falling behind on Murphy's training. Did that ever show up in training this afternoon. (A story for another time, to irritating to go into right now) I am not getting the projects I want to complete or even start. My house is not getting the painting done that it needs. I am finding I am spending money unnecessarily purchasing organizational tools when all I really need to do is THROW AWAY. I am such a collector. It is so disgusting. I hate this about myself. No matter the classes I take, the promises I make myself. I am still a collector (prefer the term to pack rat). I have invested in books, classes, lectures from The Mom. Lectures from The Mike. I cannot tell you the amount of money I have thrown away trying to learn to be organized not just with stuff but with time. So, I have decided that since Mike will be laid up and stuck at home I will take the time to get myself in gear and get organized. I figure that way he will not be the only one grumpy around here. We can make each other miserable. Misery loves company right? Well misery is going to live here for awhile. I cannot take this not getting anything done because I cannot find something.

Now, this is a very boring post I know. To those that know my husband this will give you a bit of an update on what is going on with him. I will post the exciting adventures we no double will be having in the follow weeks. I am also working on some more projects. I will post them in my flickr gallery. Hopefully by the end of August early September I will have my Etsy shop open. That alone should get me motivated enough to get organized.

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