Sunday, September 28, 2008

ATC cards

Well, I was going to tell you all about how I was going to compete with my Mom for the cleaning crown. Even if I did compete I would lose. Be that as it may, I was still willing to give it a whirl. It truly stinks when you spend all day cleaning then go over to visit your Mom who is sitting reading a book not a hair out of place and her house out shines yours. I on the other hand look like I had been in a battle and lost (whether you know it or not cleaning is battle, it's dirty and harsh). There really is something wrong with that.

I have put a lot of thought into this and believe that she (my Mom) has made some kind of deal with the cleaning fairy's. I am not sure what unholy deal she made, but by the look of her home I am thinking no matter what it is, it is so worth it. Knowing Mom I would venture to guess that she may of promised them me to torment (thinking is was time someone else enjoyed my fine company); but then if THEY know anything about me there is no way they would take that deal. As my husband has said on more then one occasion; "Heaven isn't ready for you, and hell is afraid that you would take over".

Now, I am not a bad person, I am just distracted easily. I will start cleaning and then get an idea to make something, or see a wall that I want to faux paint. I truly try hard to stay on task, but scrubbing floors, vacuuming, putting stuff away is just so darn boring. I can be in the middle of vacuuming and see an open magazine with a picture or title that will inspire me to either make an ATC card or I will remember I have something that I have wanted to alter. Some item I have been saving and that particular look would so work.

For instance as I started writing, you can see I have gotten a bit off track. I just noticed I have not even shown or talked about my cards I completed for a swap. It is about using one of Tim Holtz's new stamps. I tried really hard to stay focused on cleaning, but well it just was to much for me not to work on the cards. I hope you like them. If you would like to drop a line and commit on them I would love to hear from you.

This is a picture of the #13 closed.

The picture below is with it open (I know Obvious)

This is titled (again obvious) "Now Simplify"

This card is pretty obvious as well. Live the life. I made it because I was thinking how so many people get caught up in other people's lives and wished to change theirs. We are all given
one life, if we treated it with care I believe most of us would treasure it, as god intended.
I really like this card. I just wish my writing was better. Everyone should walk their own path. Think of the things you could do, if you put your energy into YOUR path instead of worrying what others were doing or what they had. Pretty simple if you think about it.

I didn't really have anything in mind with this card. I just really like the number 13. I don't think it is unlucky, just the opposite

Again nothing in particular other than I love this quote. As I stated above. Treat your life with care. I believe that if you can imagine it, you can accomplish it. Nothing is above anyone. You may have to alter a dream a bit; be willing to go through unexpected doors along the way. Don't expect life to stay the same. If it did it would be so very boring. I love the fact that each day brings something new to discover. It may be as simple as watching my dog run and play after healing from his recent injury. The joy he puts into being able to run and jump is very inspiring. Little things are not so little.

Now, I have made a bunch of other stuff. I know I was suppose to clean sometime. I was also suppose to finish painting my wall in the dining room. It will get done, I promise. But there is so much in my head to make, I have got to get it done, out of my head, whatever.
Maybe next month I will compete with Mom for the crown; or I could get just skip it. You know I could just concentrate on doing the basics. Competing is so not fun when you have no chance of winning. I hate losing. Plus, Murphy and Daisy are wanting to go for a walk. Walking is all Murphy is allowed to do for a bit. He has reinjured himself. I swear that dog is going to give me a heart attack. You would think I gave him credit for having a human brain; you know to understand you cannot keep running around when you have a sever sprain.
I guess tomorrow is planned. I will worry about cleaning another day; summer is leaving and I am sure God wants me and the pups to enjoy the last summer days we have.

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