Friday, October 3, 2008

I need your sympathy

The following pictures are of my two dogs. Now, you ask yourself why would I place a series of pictures that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Well let me tell you a little story of why you do not leave tennis balls around my house.

I went outside to see what the commotion was in the back yard. This is the scene that I found. Someone (we are not naming names to protect the innocent) left a tennis ball out. You DO NOT, let me repeat that; YOU DO NOT do this at my house. My dogs are ball nuts. When I say nuts I mean seriously loony toon mental facility nuts when it comes to this innocent little ball.

Now mind you, they are snob tennis ball junkie's. Not all balls are the same. It first MUST be a tennis ball. They prefer a yellow and white striped ball to those tennis ball you get at Petsmart and other doggy shopping stores. The second is they do not play with other dogs tennis balls. They have good doggy edictate; no touching other dog's balls.

Now, on with the story of a total break down in the ball rules at my house. Oh, you should also know that a little over a week ago Murphy the larger dog had an injury to his front leg so sever he could not walk on it at all. Also that ivy is a wall of a little over 3' high. Someone was throwing the ball and again no names; and the following pictures are the mayhem that in sued.

Daisy jumping off the wall before Murphy could get the ball from her.
Daisy is trying to take the ball from Murphy.
This is the ball in question. Yes it is well loved and used.

Can you see the love, the devotion, do I mention the worship?
The capture of said ball. A successful hunt.
Murphy trying to get to the ball before Daisy.
Murphy jumping down off the wall of ivy so Daisy could not have the ball.
The pounce. The death hop. The ball does not stand a chance.

Now, you are asking yourself why I stood and took pictures instead of stopping this nonsense. Especially when Murphy is healing from an injury; but more importantly he is my Search and Rescue dog. If he is not healed he cannot work. The only answer I can give you is this. It made them tired enough to leave me ALONE.

Selfish I know. Totally irresponsible. But, if any of you have working dogs you know that they HAVE to do something every day. Then when you have a working dog that is recovering from an injury it is simply miserable for said owner. When I say miserable I mean totally absolutely MISERABLE!! My only excuse is I needed peace. I needed to paint my dinning room, finish mopping my living room without their help. Did I finish these things NO because said person did not start the nonsense until it was to late for me to complete the paint. Mopping was well, uninspiring so that will be completed this evening; well I hope. I am still trying to find the unholy cleaning fairy's my Mom employee's. They, I know could get said dogs to leave them alone.

I am happy to say that Murphy must be healed to the extent that there was no limping after I did put a stop to the ball playing. He laid down with a very happy sloppy tongue bright eyed look on his doggy face.

Daisy stopped jumping on me from the back, Murphy stopped trying to trip me whenever I tried to move. They both stopped running to the front door then running to me. Yes, I did get the hint on the first trip there was no need for them to continue the hinting for an hour. Murphy stopped trying help me paint with his body. Life was good for one evening at the Kaufman house. Peace is a beautiful thing.

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Nelly said...

Oh I understand. I have 3 dogs, but my golden retriever just adores tennis balls.