Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inspiration, where do you get it

I am such a slow creater, no matter what it is. I don't have a difficult time coming up with the ideas; the difficulty comes in the execution. I think I just make it more difficult then it needs to be. But, we all have our ways of creating.

These ATC cards are for a distress swap I am doing. I knew the direction I wanted to go, I just could not seem to get there. Then while I was at the grocery store stocking up on my junk food, I saw the people magazine of Paul Newman's death. It just clicked; the cards took me most of the day to create, but at least I was able to execute what I wanted to say. Very exciting when that happens.
The first is of Paul Newman, next is of Elvis. The rubon says Whispers of the past. Don't you just love that. It fit so well. Monroe, wow. The name plate of Beautiful dreamer was made for this picture. Then of course there is Elizatbeth Taylor timeless beauty. Looking at her when she was in her prime still takes my breath away.

The top one is of James Dean. The quote which I have added as one of my very favorites is "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today". What more is there to say. James Dean is still the man! The last but by far not least is of Joan and Paul Newman. Such a beautiful picture of them. It was of them in their early years of their marriage. It was one of the picture's I found in People that I had to use. I love this. What a wonderful thing to leave behind, a love story that lasted 50 years. Can you not say that was a life well lived. He was a true icon.

Now, these cards touched my heart. It seems to bring back a time long gone. I know these people where not perfect, but they sure did leave a mark on so very many people.

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Mar said...

great pieces!!
all my favorites and i think you accomplished a distressed look to them!