Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is about living

Have any of you watched the Highlander series. I loved the movies and the series. I would often wonder what would it be like to actually get to live forever. There is a song by Jason Aldean that I was listening to that got me remembering this series. The song is called "Not every man lives".

Now, believe it or not there is a purpose to this post. We talk a lot about recording memories in our scrapbooking pages and journals. The truth is "we" the recorders of our families lives may do all the recording; but do "we" actually get out there and do something ourselves that should be recorder? Are you participating? Or are you spending a lot of your time as a spectator?There is so much out there that I want to try. So much out there that I want to see. I am finding that I am spending so much time trying to "record" my families lives that I am forgetting to get out there myself and live.

I wonder is there anyone else out there doing the same thing? I would really like it if you would take the time and follow the link below, it will take you to the lyrics of the song "Not every man lives".
Read them, pay attention to what they are saying. Then think about it; have you done anything that resembles what he is saying? If not maybe you need to. They are pretty powerful words.

I have done some of what he is talking about. I have put myself out there; by choosing to volunteer as a Search and Rescue dog handler. I have also done many other things that I am both proud and not so proud of. Yes, some are mistakes. But those mistakes and accomplishments are what have made me who I am right now. I want to continue growing in both my moral beliefs and understanding of what makes me who I am as a person.Now, that does not mean I have lived enough, now even close. I don't think for a minute I have even scratched the surface of what I can do.

I have dabbled in art all my life. I have never really practiced it, pushed myself. Art is a very personal thing to me. Kind of like showing the world your inner most self. I have always been very afraid that what I create is going to be very under dressed compared to what others create and sell. I have always had a need to push myself but not share myself. There is a huge difference in that statement. I have found that in order for me to grow and push myself I am going to have to "share myself". Sharing myself is a very scary thing for me. I like people but I like them at a distance. When I put my art out there I am going to have to learn to take the criticisms, the accolades and not worry about them. They will have to be the background noise in order for me to be brave enough to put my creations out for others to see and ultimately have an opinion about.

We all have only one shot at this life. So, we need to make it count. I want to be able to sit on my porch and remember doing stuff not just recording what others have done. I do not want to be a spectator in my life, I want to be a participant. This is an amazing world we live in. It has both happy and sad things happening all the time. That does not mean I want or even have a need to travel the world in order for me to experience this life. What it does mean at least for me is to get out of my studio and live my life.

Living is painful. Living is joyful. Living is just that, living. What ever your life is. Just live it. Enjoy it. Love it. For it is a gift and needs to be opened everyday for it to truly be appreciated. I don't think for a minute that sitting in my home or office is enough for me to create anything of true value. I need to experience what life has to offer in order for me to translate it to something meaningful, of value. I hope you will take this challenge as well. Get out there and live. There is no need for you to travel across a nation or even to a different town. Just open your door and step outside. Life will take over from there. The beauty is every where for you to enjoy but more importantly to EXPERIENCE.


Mar said...

i enjoy that song too..all the meaning behind the word of its author...yep i am afraid a lot of do not live all of our days fully..
strang how mbf and i were discussing that this morning...
everyday should be apppreciated and lived to a fullness that it deserved...

it is a gift!

ya know

good post!

marciglenn said...

Tracy - my goodness, I am taken by this post. I seem to always be the recorder in my family (and work) life. I have been told that I am gifted in that. After reading this post, I will have to ponder why I always fall into that role. I think it is comfortable for me to do so and if I have to CHANGE - Oh my, not so comfortable.
thank you for this thought provoking idea.