Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Making an idea your own

OK I am confessing to a semi crime. How many of you read Stacy Julian's blog? Well, I loved her idea of taking pictures of what is going on right now in your life. Then do a scrapbook page about this the following year.

Now, I am not very good at staying focused; but I loved this so much. So, this is my version of her idea. I found these restroom signs on sale at a hardware store. They were just so unusual for a scrapbook cover I just could not resist.
This is my first page. Now you wonder why it is my dog and me instead of my wonderful husband. Well, it is because I train so much with him the majority of my everyday (other than work) is spent with this guy. I also absolutely love quotes. They inspire me in so many ways. I have a notebook I keep with me and every time I find one I write it down. I am now going to add my favorites and place them in this library card holder. I can't wait to see how they effect me next year.
I know you are wondering what is going under the title Dance like no one is watching. Well I am going to wait and see what photo's are taken of me this month that will show me doing something silly. I seldom care what others think, so I am sure it will be a picture that will make my husband roll his eyes. Life is just to short not to show exuberance when you feel it. I like the saying if it's in you; it's got to come out. The next page is titled "Dream Big". It has 4 pages for me to journal what is going on right now (well through the month of October). The flower is cut out of an old book I found. The middle is a small round mirror that I scrapped the back off until you could see through it. It has a vintage look, like an old mirror you would find in an antique store. I then used gel medium to glue a picture of myself. The tabs are titled: details, true story, info, never want to forget, my version, my life, everyday and from today. I am so very bad at journaling. But, I want to see how my thoughts compare to next year. How much will I grow, fall back or just stay the same.

Here is Murphy again. The next page is titled "Make your own rules". I wanted to document memories that I don't want to forget. I don't care if they did not happen this month; just stuff that I want to keep, and this just seemed such a perfect place to store them.
This is a picture of my husband Mike and Murphy. Mike is laughing because Murphy jumped up on the chair with him because Mike sat down instead of taking him for a walk. Yes, this is a very spoiled dog. Those of you that don't have children I hope can relate. You begin to treat your dogs as if they are children. Not really a good thing, but it happens. The opposite page is where I wanted to journal everyday stuff. Nothing that will be mind boggling, just things that have cross my mind. I also placed another library card holder to put odds & ends in. Things like receipts. I am sure the way things are going it will be interesting to see the differences in the cost of things. It does not look like it, but the picture is also a holder. If I have other pictures that crack me up, I can tuck them in there.
This is with the folder open.
These are several pictures that I placed and numbered. They are what I love most right now. My husband will always be number one; but as you turn the pages you will see my favorite junk food. Mike is hoping that my obsession with junk food will be something I either grow out of or I turn a new leaf and begin to eat right. I would think he would forget that idea. We have been married 22 years the only thing about my eating habits that have changed is the choice of junk food. It will be fun to see what I like to eat next year. You never know, miracle's have been known to happen I could be converted.

I LOVE my Iphone. As far as I am concerted it was worth every blessed cent I paid for it. And let me tell you it took a lot of little penny's. I wonder what new toy will be my favorite next year. Maybe at Christmas I will get a new camera or a new apple computer. I can only dream.

I love this picture of me and my sister. It shows how very different we are; but how much we love each other. I can't wait to see what adventure in shopping we will be doing next year. So, far the past few years My Sister's Closet has been our favorite shopping experience in Phoenix. Maybe it will change. As the next page states "to be continued next year. I am very excited to see where I am going to be, what I am going to be doing; and how those little things I jotted down become precious little pieces of my life that I would of other wise forgotten.

Now, I have taken this a bit more in detail then what Stacy intended. But, you see I was in her September class on Big Picture Scrapbooking; which consisted of documenting something every single day. I tried but I just could not stay focused enough to keep up with it. This is my way of following her point; "be present" without the every day structure of documentation. This way I can follow her path, but add my own little short cuts. I hope all of you will take time this month and put together a small book of where you are in your life right now. Then see where you are at next year. The differences could be astounding. Please let me know if you took Stacy's challenge. What was your interpretation of the challenge.
Now I am off to bed.


Ashley M said...

love this book! the bathroom signs are priceless as covers! never would have thought of that! the book is great and will give lots of insight to you and your family in the future as to what kind of person you are today... i love memories like these for that reason!

marciglenn said...

This is such a wonderful idea - documenting a day in your life. Love your blog.

Mar said...

this is turning out GREAT!
i scrolled all through the blog...too many nice things to keep snapping in to comment on
here it will be for all the great posts within!

great job!!!