Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Political upheaval

This may not be a particular good topic to talk about, especially in this violent political environment we have now. But, I'm going to anyway. I do not agree that this is the most important election of our time. EVERY election is important!! I do not care which side of the political spectrum you are on. We all need to take each and every election seriously.

We are hiring people to run our country. Yes, hiring for a position to work for US. This is a job not a popularity contest, nor should it be about making history. So getting caught up with having a black man and white woman on the ballot is over shadowing the most important thing; who is the best person for the JOB. Everyone needs to get past the sex and race of the candidates and get to the heart of what is important THE ISSUES!! So, when you go to elect your political official look at them as they are, potential employees. We the people need to get online, read, discuss and so on so you can make an educated decision on who we should hire. Do not take what the news is saying as fact; find out for yourself. There are several places on line where you can check the facts. So, check the facts. Be responsible, take responsibility for your vote. This is not just a right, but a responsibility; please take it as such.

I must bring something else up. I understand that everyone has a strong view. Blogs are as I am doing right now a way to express them. But in my very humble opinion those of you with blogs that are pushing your support for any particular candidate; please be careful on how you use negative words and statements against the other side. There are several blogs that I would of loved to follow but will ignore now, not because of the support of anyone candidate. But, because of the negative and even vile statements being made. This does not help all it really does is turn people against each other. This election has become one of the vilest I can ever remember and I am not talking about the candidates attacking each other. I am talking about us the people of the United States. So, please tone down the hatefulness. Support your candidate, but please do not continue this ugliness, it makes you not only look bad but shows how truly uneducated you are on the issues. Support is good, ungliness, hatefulness is not.


Anonymous said...

Very well said, hopefully people that are reading this will take you up on your challenge to review the differences between the two candidates and then vote accordingly! Thanks for sharing your view point.

Adrienne said...

Hi.I love your blog and I have rss'd you. Just to let you know that for some reason I went straight to your first entry. I left a comment on it. I have also linked it to my blog. I am off to read your other posts now. I suspect you are a wise soul. A xxx

Nelly said...
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Nelly said...

Well said, Tracy. Thanks for your nice note about my blog. I just looked through yours and love your art. I got much inspiration, especially as I have been collecting old actors' photos wanting to do something as I so love old movies. And I can so relate to your note about not creating too much. I am always thinking about creating as well and feeling the excitement then about it, but executing is another thing. My other problem is that I'm constantly checking all the amazing blogs of artists out there and the eye candy. Maybe we can push each other to buckle down, no? LOL!!!