Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans day

I would like to dedicate this post to those that have shed their blood, sweat and tears in their tireless effort in service to this country the USA. They have made it possible for us to vote or not to vote, to protest, for us to speak freely, and keep us safe.

We ALL should praise them for this sacrifice they make freely. Because they sign on the dotted line freely I believe the sacrifice all the more important, and we should never take this for granted. They sign on the dotted line because they believe in a greater good then themselves and because the signing is done freely without prompting I praise them all the more for it.

I salute them and keep them in my prayers nightly. I praise those that where before, I praise those that are serving now, and I praise those who are to come. There is no greater service then what they do.

Now, I would also like to salute another branch of the service. The K9's and their handlers. The handlers; because the bonding is so important in the partnership yet the ability for them (the handlers) to let go when necessary. It is simply amazing to me.

I work a Search and Rescue dog. I understand the importance of the bonding process where you are no longer just a handler and a dog; you are a team. Yet, I have not even come close to what these teams "feel" for each other. Their lives depend absolutely on each other at times. I cannot imagine the feelings these handlers have when they send their partners out to do what they where trained to do, and knowing there is a chance they may not come back. This partnership truly goes further than just man loving his dog. We (meaning handlers) go through so much emotional baggage when working with our dogs (partners). Dogs do not have this emotional baggage. They are pleased; no that is not right, they do this with total and absolute joy. There is no hesitation; it gives them such pleasure to do what they where bred to do. WORK.

Do not feed into the propaganda of thinking that they are "drafted" into service. Poor dogs forced to die, and work in harsh environments. The breed of dogs used are dogs that where, are bred to work. In this country dogs are treated as spoiled pets and when they become bored and "destroy" they end up in shelters or put down. There are dogs that are bred to be just that spoiled loved ones. But, these are working dogs bred to do a job and they are truly unhappy setting around or just taking short little walks around the yard or neighborhood. So, please do not lessen their service by "feeling sorry" for them. Salute them, praise them and be proud of what they have and will accomplish. They are hero's in their own right and deserve that distinction not your pity. Only your pride!

Though these two dogs are not veterans of the military they do serve their communities and country. Please keep them in your prayers when they are out searching and doing their duties.

Please follow the link below to find out more about the K9's serving in the military.
Remember they need your prayers of safety as well. Be safe all, and know you are honored as you where meant to be. I thank you!

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