Monday, December 8, 2008

Lost camera

I am sorry that there are no photos of art work to show you. (I would of showed you several pieces of canvas that I have been working on) They do not scan well at all. But, I have lost my camera for the 100Th time. My husband is going to kill me. It does not matter that I really do try to keep track of it. It just seems to grow legs and go for a walk about. I am going on 3 weeks. I think it truly is gone this time. I do have a back up camera but I am not fond of it. It is an easy share Kodak. Now it does take beautiful pictures, but the batteries are so damn expensive; and I dislike the program. Plus those damn rechargeable batteries run out fast.

I have been wanting a new canon rebel. I have been asking for it for sometime. But once Mike finds out my other camera is missing he will probably try and play the father thing. You know the whole can't take care of the one you have you don't deserve to have a new one lecture. That is what happens when you are scatter brained (which I am).

So I am going to direct you to an amazing visual treat. Go to Michelle Wards blog( she posted the pictures of all the window displays in New York. If you are having a bit of trouble becoming inspired this may be just the spot to jump start that trouble some muse.

Now, off you go. I will meet you there. Have a great Monday.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

29 days of giving

Please click on the title to visit Chrysi 's blog. I found her blog and just love it. Not only is her art amazing and inspirational; but so is she. After reading her blog I decided to pass the word on to those of you who read my blog. This is an amazing thing. I saw this web site a few months ago. I planned on revisiting it, and really put some thought into doing this. But as life happens, things got crazy and I forgot about it. Do I feel bad about it NO. Life just gets busy sometimes and the web is an amazing thing. Someone else found it and is DOING it. Is that not just wonderful. So, I am going to just hang on to her coat tails and pass it on. Please visit her blog as well and the original web site promoting the idea. To help you out here is the address: Please check it out and maybe give it a whirl. This certainly is the time of year to give. I would also like to add that what ever you give you get back doubly so.

I would like to revisit my first blog post where I spoke of the loss of my nephew Heath. That loss not only changed how I viewed recording the everyday; but how I would keep a little bit of Heath with me. I want to tell you how that made me a much better person. As I said in that first post Heath was the giver. There was nothing he would not of given to another person. Even a favorite toy; if you asked, it was yours. Sometimes it just broke my heart how he would think nothing of just handing over his toys to children who would simply say they wanted it. They may of had the toy at home, but it matter not to Heath; they wanted it so they could have it.

Christmas is a time where I go all out with the giving. Before Heath's passing it was my family that I gave all to. It would take me 2 to 3 months after Christmas just to pay off all the fun I had shopping for them. Was this a problem for me, NO. I love shopping for that one thing they wanted. Then the first Christmas came and there was no Heath to give to. I decided instead of morning his loss all over again I would bring a bit of Heath back. I began a secret Santa starting during the Thanksgiving holiday. I have this wonderful guy who works for my husband who's wife works at our local school (hope you were able to follow that). At Thanksgiving she finds me a family that needs a meal. I provide their holiday meal, plus enough extras so that they can enjoy the best part; leftovers. The card simply says Heath.

Then for the Christmas holiday they find me a boy between the age of 10 to 12. Heath passed at 10 so that is why I have chosen that age. I ask that the young boy have some kind of medical problem; again mimicking Heath. They also find me another family that is in need of a holiday meal as well. The young boy gives them his wish list. I try to give him his most wanted wish. For each of these recipients the tag always say Heath. This happens not because of me but because of Heath. They may get the gifts, but I get so very much more. I get to enjoy Heath during my favorite time of the year.

Now I am not telling this because I am wanting to give myself accolades. Without the passing of my nephew I truly doubt I would of thought of doing this. So, again it is Heath giving. I tell this story because there are many people out there who have lost someone they may of loved so very much and are unable to get past the pain. I am hoping that if they read this they may be able to come up with a positive way to keep the memory of their lost loved one with them in a positive way. You cannot bring them back; you cannot continue to morn their passing; you have no choice but to live. Giving up because they are not here is not an option. There are others that need you. So, take this time of the year and find joy in it. There are so many ways that you can turn pain into something positive. Take a breathe and find it. With great pain there really is great joy. I experience it everytime Heath sends off his "gifts'.