Monday, December 8, 2008

Lost camera

I am sorry that there are no photos of art work to show you. (I would of showed you several pieces of canvas that I have been working on) They do not scan well at all. But, I have lost my camera for the 100Th time. My husband is going to kill me. It does not matter that I really do try to keep track of it. It just seems to grow legs and go for a walk about. I am going on 3 weeks. I think it truly is gone this time. I do have a back up camera but I am not fond of it. It is an easy share Kodak. Now it does take beautiful pictures, but the batteries are so damn expensive; and I dislike the program. Plus those damn rechargeable batteries run out fast.

I have been wanting a new canon rebel. I have been asking for it for sometime. But once Mike finds out my other camera is missing he will probably try and play the father thing. You know the whole can't take care of the one you have you don't deserve to have a new one lecture. That is what happens when you are scatter brained (which I am).

So I am going to direct you to an amazing visual treat. Go to Michelle Wards blog( she posted the pictures of all the window displays in New York. If you are having a bit of trouble becoming inspired this may be just the spot to jump start that trouble some muse.

Now, off you go. I will meet you there. Have a great Monday.


Mar said...

i hope the camera shows back up..i am in great company with you tho
i am scatterbrained and i lose things all the time you aren't alone!

ionesartstudio said...

Hello, I hope the camara shows up. I just took a look at your new art journal page. It is beautiful. Take care.

Megan Warren said...

ooh I have been here before - I decided that the kodak camera was not going to be my xmas present after reading your post and I'm really happy with my new fuji. Hope your camera turns up!