Friday, January 16, 2009

Experimenting in art

I am experimenting with different techniques with a common thread of adding a 3 D effect to each. I like how it makes the piece jump off the paper. As if some how it is alive "real" for lack of a better description. This particular card is using mica and emboss resist. I used paint dabbers from Tim Holtz. A script stamp and several colors of perfect pearls. The image is from Christi's collage called "Horsin Around". I used several of her images in the following cards. They are really beautiful and pop off the card. Mica is a pretty cool product. I cannot wait to use it more. It ages and give the piece a vintage look; which I prefer.

The card below is using polymer clay with perfect pearls in multiple colors after the baking process. I like the way it turned out; but, isn't there always a but when you try something new. I did not bake it as long as it was suggested for a reason. I wanted to break pieces off here and there. As if it had been around for a while; adding the vintage feel. I did add several coats of mod podge to help support and harden it. I am going to say it needed to be baked a bit longer because it is a bit more delicate than I like. I am pleased with the over all look.
This piece was fun to create. I found the images sometime ago. I am not sure where so if someone see this and it has some kind of copyright that I am abusing please let me know and I will remove it from the blog. Anyway, I am in this warrior kind of mood. Don't have a clue why but I liked the fantasy about this. Two partners waiting to protect their world. I really like 3 dimensional pieces on cards and wanted to see what I could come up with. I again used perfect pearls with several shots of glimmer mist. I used several colors of each product. I looked everywhere to find a toy sword that would be small enough to add. I was unable to, so ended up finding an image on the web and cutting it out and adding it with foam glue dots. I used a flourish stamp from Tim Holtz's line.

This piece is still along my warrior series. I am a big fan of Angelina Jolie. I liked the movie Wanted though it was quite violent. I used a Tim Holtz stamp for the background. Again using the perfect pearls to add color. I then added a banner with the title. It was my 3 D effect for this card.

This particular card did not scan well at all. It is an emboss resist technique. The image is from Christi's horsin' around collage. The flower and leaves are felt and I liked how it gave it a very vintage feel.

This piece is all about the images. I again used an image by Christi. I found the haunted house on flickr it is Matt West's photo stream. I then found some tombstones again from flickr cut them out to add dimension. I then printed another image of the rider and using foam glue dots added her on top to put her in front of the horse. I liked how it came together. Sneaking through the haunted cemetery.

I tend to get a bit obsessed when I like something that is why each piece has a 3 D effect going on. I am loving the way images jump off the page when you add foam dots. Give it a go. You may find it adds something different to your art pieces.


Mar said...

i absolutely like them all...the first one has the eerriest 3-d effect..they all bring inspiration to the table!

Linda said...


I'm so happy you found your camera. When I read your post back in December you reminded me of myself. I can be so scattered some days.

Your art is great. I love the look of the polymer clay.

Anyway I have a blog award for you. You can find the details on my blog.