Friday, January 23, 2009

Accepting your style

This is my latest ATC card. I call her "Delicate Beauty". I like her and am very happy with how she turned out; but, yes there is a but. I wish I could be more whimsical in my art. If you have noticed by now most of my pieces are all pretty formal. The embellishments and layering is at a minimum. Which is very frustrating to me. I want to add more; but every time I do my piece looks as if it went from a lovely woman to a harlot. All it takes is that one step to far. So very frustrating.

Then there is Laura Carson and Valerie Brincheck who can add layers upon layers and their cards turn out beautiful; never over the top. How in the world do they know when enough is enough, or just one more thing will complete it? Another artist who can bring fairies to life, well two other artists are Debrina and Amanda Howard their art is so sparkly and full of fun and life. I cannot tell you how hard I have tried to make my pieces come across as theirs does.

Then one day it was as if I finally got it. We all can't do the same thing. We all can't do all the techniques perfectly. What a very boring world it would be if we all had the same style. I am finally at peace with what my style is, vintage. Yes, I want to continue to progress and get better; but I have realized that I see the world very linearly. I can get out of the box to some extent; but I will always be somewhat formal in what I create. I am not jealous of these artists and others I have seen who can do what I cannot do. I just sometimes wish I could be a little less formal in my art. Because believe me there is absolutely nothing formal in my daily life. Maybe there is a Freudian thing going on there. My mother would be so thrilled if the formality I see in my pieces would spill into my every day life. Well I guess she can dream as I can; wishing for something that is not going to be.


ginny said...

I, too, have this dilemma. I always stop at the clean and simple stage. I finally decided that was my "style", although I admire, covet and lust after the many layered, many techniques pieces of other's artwork.
Great post!

inge said...

hello Tracy,

I came up to your blog trough All things Tim...and your card of the queen of the Damned.

Me too I like vintage and old pictures, but I also love it when someone goes a bit further than the cute vintage stuff !

I liked the card you made and the picture you used : all of it : the outside front and back ànd the inside !!

This fatbook looks also good : I especially like the way you layered with the paint and the beeswax. I 'll try this one too !

greetings from Belgium