Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting to know polymere clay

I have fallen in love with 3 D effect. The first few cards are using polymere clay then adding moon dust and or perfect pearls to bring out the design of the stamp. I like how a story can be interpreted for each viewer. It becomes more like a story instead of just a card to be viewed.

The above card I call "Solitude"

Lady Justice

This card I call "Self Comfort"

Now the cards below I did not use polymere clay to give me the 3 D effect instead I used the same picture on top of each other; being adhered with foam dots. Or just foam dots to make a figure stand out.

This above card is calle "Eve"
The below card I again used the foam dots to bring the "Queen" out.
The above card is "Queen of the Damn" opened. Below is the card's back.

I hope you will find some time when you make yours cards to add a 3 D effect or two. I believe it can take your card to the next level without a lot of trouble.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fat book technique

I have never been involved in a fat book before. So I was very excited when a swap came up on my group. These are some of the pages I did. My particular technique that I did for the book was crackle paint with beeswax for a vintage feel. A mouth full I know. I enjoyed doing the pages there was 15 in total. I am not going to show you every page but the images below are some examples.

The process is fun and easy. This is to get a very vintage feel to your work. I have to say most of my work is vintage. I like the look of something that has been around a while; been enjoyed and well loved.

I started out with water color paper that I painted with Lumiere paint. I used two different colors. Once the paint had dried I applied a crackle paint from Tim Holtz's line. Once that was dried I used chestnut and white chalks from color box. I used the white to highlight some of the cracks in the paint. I then used the chestnut color to go over the cracks to add more age. I also went around the side of the page. I then had card board cut the the side of the page that I adhered the pages to. That way each page was strong enough to be handled a lot. Then the back would be done in the technique but without any embellishments except for the directions. Once the pages where adhered to both side of the cardboard I then used the chestnut chalk again to go around the edges so the pages so there was no white showing. I then embellished one side sparingly, and the other with only the directions. Then after the images, rubons stamping was done I added beewax to the entire page; both front and back. The images came from Paper Imager Design.

The pages below are the only pages I did that used moon dust. After the crackle paint had dried I used a script stamp with perfect medium. Then dusted moon dust over the stamped area. The image was then applied as I did for all other pages as well as the beeswax.

If you have any question on this technique or what products that were used please email me and I will answer any questions you may have.