Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dreams of Provence continue

As promised these are the other pages I have created for this swap. The idea for these came from Disney. I like the idea of opening the doors to view a new memory. Each memory is different but lovely.

The kindness of Gale Franey to allow me the use of her images is greatly appreciated. The other images came from the following flickr photostream's jprowland's, mesmanimages
Suzee Que

Having the avalibility of these images and so many more is a wonderful thing. I am not able to create my own images so it is wonderful to know that their are so many artist out their willing to share theirs and those that they find. Thank you.

Though it took me right to the deadline to complete these pages; I have to say it was a fun experience and I urge each and everyone of you to stretch yourself and try something a bit outside your comfort zone.

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paperqueen said...

trac, they are just gorgeous! You should be very proud, especially since you say doing them took you out of your comfort zone.