Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fat book of Provence France

I have been working on these pages for over a month. I have a couple of other pages that I have done that are very much different then these that I will upload later this week.

I have to do 10 pages; with back and front decorated. I have discarded so many different pages trying to come up with an idea for this theme. I have to say I am very happy with these pages. I was able to bring the idea of looking through a window to view another time. With the Arch I felt I was able to achieve a bit of whimsy as well as the look of another time to these pages.

The background was achieved by using Tim Holtz distress inks. I then used an arch stamp from Stamper's Anonymous as the "window". The stamp was embossed with Tim Holtz's distress embossing powders. I then did a resist to add some age to the arch. The little girl in the above page is from Queenbee's flickr images that she was generous to share.

These last two pages are done as I discribed above. I have 4 more pages to complete by Thursday. I am a bit paniced; but I will get them out because I am more afraid of the host of this swap then I am of being late. She is the sweetest person; but she repeated more then 3 times that she expected us to be timely. So I believe she meant what she said if she took the time to say and write it that many times.

This is so outside of what I am use to creating that I have really had to struggle. But, I am so very happy with the results. Let me know what you think if you have time to drop a note.


Elena said...

OMG! Tracy!! They are spectacular!!!!

Sarah W said...

Lvoe it! You have done well. Can't wait till you do the circle journals that we are in.

paperqueen said...

I think they are gorgeous, and make me want to dig out my passport and go to Provence RIGHT NOW! I also can't wait until you get your hands on my pages in the circle journals we're in together. Who knows, maybe you'll still have Provence on your mind.