Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dog is God spelled backwards

I don't know how many of you have watched the news about a 3 year old little boy gone missing in Missouri. He was found after almost 50 hours wearing nothing more then a pull up diaper, t-shirt and one tennis shoe. I was watching the news this morning and the anchor said how they believed that the child was able to survive the cold nights by snuggling up to two stray dogs.

I don't know how much of that is true; but believe there is something to it. The temps had been in the 40's with rain. This little boy was found with only a few scratches not overly cold nor did he downed with several creeks running through the woods where he was found. Plus one of his tennis shoes was found close to a creek.

I have always believed the reason God gave us Dogs, was because it is his way of giving us something tangible. Faith is important and should be unshakable. Saying that, I have found that there are times that my faith is shakeable, and my need to hold, see and touch something that will bring me the faith I need. The feeling of absolute love, and understanding and not being alone. I know that we have people that love us; but being people talking and sharing our hurts is almost always in the equation when it comes to giving comfort. We want to understand, explain the pain so that we can FIX it. Dog's don't want to fix it. They know that the pain cannot be fixed talked about or explained. It is pain and you just need to have their presence to lessen it so we can deal with it. Maybe that is why Dog spelled backwards is GOD.

If you want to read more about this story follow this link and it will give you more details of a very happy ending.,2933,519216,00.html

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