Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Art and life

I have been working on more art pieces. Not to mention enjoying the Spring weather. I love to create out on my deck where I can look at my lovely back yard. It has a water fall and it is almost always cool enough to enjoy. Even with our 100 + temps.

The pieces below were created as I enjoyed my little sanctuary. I have several other pieces in mind and cannot wait to get started. Funny how you can go forever without being moved when it comes to creating; then all of a sudden it comes in an avalanche.

I hope that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are. Find time to enjoy the outdoors. Though the economy and other things may be out of your control; if you can find time to get lost in your art you will find that no matter what is going on around you, you can find your own little piece of heaven. Create a world of your own making it can be as beautiful as you desire. Let your imagination go, follow it and see where it takes you. At least for a bit there are magical places that only you can go.


Anonymous said...

I find your art all inspiring. I will visit your blog often.

Lila said...

I absolutely love the bottom one - split face. May I ask what size piece this was? and if you did it landscape orientation? Thanks so much.