Monday, June 15, 2009

New techniques

This is a new technique I am playing with for a fat book swap. It is the use of napkins. It is described in the Jan/Feb edition of Paper Scissors Magazine. I am have a good time with this.

The napkin scene at least for me, dictates where my page will go. These two pages are of a beach scene. I have been in Lincoln City this last weekend and completed these while I was there. This technique is fun, but (is there not always a but) they easily tear and wrinkle. I am finding that it is helping me relax and not worry about those little imperfections. They make the over all page more mine, I think.

I would also like to say that the class I have taken from Pam Carriker has also become most invaluable. I am finding her idea of shading truly does make your pages come to life. Though I still have problems with getting my light source mixed up; over all, I have never been more thrilled with the progression of my work.

If you are looking to try a unique techique find some paper napkins and have some fun. If you have a minute drop a note telling me what you have created with napkins.


Elena said...

Beautiful work Tracy!!! You've got to tell me how you did this!

Barb said...

Lovely work... looks like a good place to take time off at...vbg
I like incorporating paper napkins into my work too.

Mar said...

lovely pieces!!!