Thursday, August 27, 2009

The cover that is

Well as promised (for once) I have posted the completed cover of my Dream journal. Over all I am happy with i; though there is a problem with the composition that is bugging me. I just am not willing to totally redo it. So this is it. No more messing around with it. Plus it's suppose to be mailed out on Monday. As John Wayne would say "Time is a wastin"

This is the inside page (back of cover). It is the artist's who will be participating in this little journey. Elena brought all of us together to explore our artistic views on our Dreams. I am so lucky to call her friend. I have found that she a lone can be my "turn on switch" when I am not feelin' the mojo. Her positive view and love of life is always a wonderful thing to be hold.
I still have the back cover and last page to complete oh hell to start. I may be a bit late with the mail out date; oh well life will go on. I am sure I will blame shift it on the Post Office. These gals are so impressed with my ability to blame shift there will be no surprise there. LOL
Please if you are working for the P.O. take no offence if it is not you I promise I would find someone else to shift any blame on.
Now, that you have seen my journal's creation how about you all go make one. It does not have to be a theme of dreams anything will do. Just go make something that will make your heart sing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Completed page and moving on to the next

Here is the completed page.

Though the words and lions are the only addition, I am happy with the out come. It says just
what I have been feeling.

Now I am working on a Dream journal with a wonderful group of ladies. The following page was going to be the cover. I got inspired and came up with another idea I am really excited about. I am hoping to post tomorrow the cover and over the course of the next week or so I will show you the pages as I complete them. There are to be a cover, intro, backcover and the inside of the backcover be completed before mailing out. I am to have it in the mail by the 1st of September. Whether I make that deadline is still up in the air. The journal is on it's way to finally be completed that is a good thing. I have been pondering what to do for over a month and nothing. Then a couple of days ago boom things finally started to jell. Nothing like waiting for the last minute. Check out the page that was; and tomorrow or tonight I will post the cover that is.

If you have a chance drop me a note and let me know what you think. Have a great day creating; so go get busy people time is a waistin'.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Panties in a twist

I don't like to use my blog for anything but fun and art; but I am angry, no totally pissed off. Yes that describes how I feel about the latest signing of another bad man to the NFL team the Eagles; Michael Vick. I am sick and tired of the sports community continually signing players that are bad people. Whether they want to believe it or not NFL, NBA, Hockey, and so on are idols to our children. It is a responsibility of the national sports teams to remember this and take it very seriously. Which in my opinion they do not.

Yes, they (players) make mistakes and put their pants on one leg at a time as the rest of us. But there is simply no excuse to have dog fighters, sex offenders; basically felons of every ilk playing in sports that not only make them lots of money but put them out their for our young people to look up to.

I understand that the sports community is a business and needs to purchase the best players they can. But, please, their MUST be a standard. Their is none, when it comes to these teams.

There are some crimes that keep you from getting certain jobs. That is the point of punishment people. There is no punishment when they get to continue with their life as if they did nothing wrong. NO, he does not DESERVE a second bite at the apple. Just like when you are a federal criminal you do not get to vote, or own a gun. They are revoked. Guess what, membership to the sports community should be revoked FOREVER from Michael Vick and others like him.

For once I would like to see people who have done bad stuff go out and redeem themselves by doing something good for the community for which they did the wrong. What good has he done I ask you? NOTHING! Instead he and others like him go back and continue their life as if it is in the past. Past does not mean forgotten. It means you need to learn from it and redeem yourself in the eyes of your community. His community, because he was a sports idol is all of America.

People, this is not just about the abuse of dogs; he tortured them, for goodness sake. That tells me he enjoys hurting those that are weaker. Yes, that is just want I want my children to watch on TV. Who I want to be their idol when he makes a touch down. Go Eagles!!

Now, I am not asking anyone to do anything. That is not what my blog is about. My blog is
about my art, my love of it, my ability to share what I have learned from other artist. Continue the circle so to speak. But, it is also a place I can voice my opposing view of something that truly upsets and sickens me.

Eagles games will not be watched in my house hold. I will talk negatively about them. Yes, I am only one person, what effect will it have on them; the Eagles. Probably nothing, but that is not the point or the why. I will be ignoring them because it is my responsibilty to stand up when their is a wrong. This may seem like no biggy to you. But, I can tell you it is a huge thing for me. Donavon McNabb was so very kind to my nephew who passed away because of brain cancer. Turning my back on a team that had a quarterback that could be so very sweet and kind to a little boy he never meet is in a since heartbreaking. Heath loved the Eagles, and because of his love of them I liked them as well. I will always be so very thankful to Donovan for his kindness to Heath; but the Eagles team well, that is another story all together. They are in my opinion a team that put one very bad man before an entire generation of children. They deserve none of my support, nor will they get it. The very opposite in fact. I wish that team and their owner nothing!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beginning to end

I have been asked to show how I create a page from start to finish. I have taken photo's of each step. Now these photos are down and dirty, I have not touched them up, cropped or anything.

Though I can show you the process of creating the pages, I have no idea how to explain how I come up with a concept for a layout. What I mean is choosing the images, what theme and such. I believe that is an individual process and we each complete this process in a different way. Usually what is going on in my life will dictate the direction of an art journal or even ATC card.

The first three pictures are of the pages being painted. I use baby wipes to move the paint around the paper.

I started out with water color paper. Since the colors of these pages were going to be orange, brown and cream I started out with the strongest color first orange. I did two pages at once since this is a two page spread.

Then I used cream.

This is the final color I used was brown.

This is the first page. I chose this image from a wonderful artist on flickr who gave me permission. You can see her name on my flickr account. She really is amazing.

This is after I did some shading.

This is the completed 1st page. I have added the words, shaded and highlighted around them. Plus added the image of the dog.

This is the second page. I used a stamp with Starz on ink then used more cream to go over the whole page again.

Here are the images I used. I purchased the feather on etsy, the tiger was found on google somewhere. The lady, temple and red tail hawk are from wonderful artists on flickr.

The following pages will show you how it looks before I add the next image. Before another image is added I shade and highlight that image to help it pop off the page.

I hope this makes since. If you have any questions please email me and ask away. As for the images, please do not ask me to forward them to you. I do not own any but the feathers. I got them off flickr. In most cases I have asked permission to use them. I do not feel comfortable forwarding images I have not paid for. Thank you for understanding.
Again if you have any questions please ask away. I love hearing from you, both positive and negative (just be helpful not hurtful).
I have found mixed media artist to be the most giving and helpful group around. I ask question and receive answers to my questions. I want to pass on that positive thing, so never feel as if you are bugging me. If by chance I do not get back to you please know either I forgot or your email got put in my spam and I did not check it properly. I in no way want anyone to feel as if I am ignoring them. I appreciate each and everyone who takes the time out of their day to stop by my blog and look at my art. Ask all the questions you wish.
Have a great week. Go create something.