Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beginning to end

I have been asked to show how I create a page from start to finish. I have taken photo's of each step. Now these photos are down and dirty, I have not touched them up, cropped or anything.

Though I can show you the process of creating the pages, I have no idea how to explain how I come up with a concept for a layout. What I mean is choosing the images, what theme and such. I believe that is an individual process and we each complete this process in a different way. Usually what is going on in my life will dictate the direction of an art journal or even ATC card.

The first three pictures are of the pages being painted. I use baby wipes to move the paint around the paper.

I started out with water color paper. Since the colors of these pages were going to be orange, brown and cream I started out with the strongest color first orange. I did two pages at once since this is a two page spread.

Then I used cream.

This is the final color I used was brown.

This is the first page. I chose this image from a wonderful artist on flickr who gave me permission. You can see her name on my flickr account. She really is amazing.

This is after I did some shading.

This is the completed 1st page. I have added the words, shaded and highlighted around them. Plus added the image of the dog.

This is the second page. I used a stamp with Starz on ink then used more cream to go over the whole page again.

Here are the images I used. I purchased the feather on etsy, the tiger was found on google somewhere. The lady, temple and red tail hawk are from wonderful artists on flickr.

The following pages will show you how it looks before I add the next image. Before another image is added I shade and highlight that image to help it pop off the page.

I hope this makes since. If you have any questions please email me and ask away. As for the images, please do not ask me to forward them to you. I do not own any but the feathers. I got them off flickr. In most cases I have asked permission to use them. I do not feel comfortable forwarding images I have not paid for. Thank you for understanding.
Again if you have any questions please ask away. I love hearing from you, both positive and negative (just be helpful not hurtful).
I have found mixed media artist to be the most giving and helpful group around. I ask question and receive answers to my questions. I want to pass on that positive thing, so never feel as if you are bugging me. If by chance I do not get back to you please know either I forgot or your email got put in my spam and I did not check it properly. I in no way want anyone to feel as if I am ignoring them. I appreciate each and everyone who takes the time out of their day to stop by my blog and look at my art. Ask all the questions you wish.
Have a great week. Go create something.


nanke's stuff said...

It's always fun and informative to see how another artist works. Thanks for posting the progression of the work. The end result is lovely! nancy

Corinne Vivian said...

What kind of paint are you using. Thanks for ths tutorial

Nelly said...

Hi Tracy -- We've been emailing regarding your awesome creations and how. You offered this link as a tutorial and I really appreciate it. Once again awesome work!