Thursday, August 27, 2009

The cover that is

Well as promised (for once) I have posted the completed cover of my Dream journal. Over all I am happy with i; though there is a problem with the composition that is bugging me. I just am not willing to totally redo it. So this is it. No more messing around with it. Plus it's suppose to be mailed out on Monday. As John Wayne would say "Time is a wastin"

This is the inside page (back of cover). It is the artist's who will be participating in this little journey. Elena brought all of us together to explore our artistic views on our Dreams. I am so lucky to call her friend. I have found that she a lone can be my "turn on switch" when I am not feelin' the mojo. Her positive view and love of life is always a wonderful thing to be hold.
I still have the back cover and last page to complete oh hell to start. I may be a bit late with the mail out date; oh well life will go on. I am sure I will blame shift it on the Post Office. These gals are so impressed with my ability to blame shift there will be no surprise there. LOL
Please if you are working for the P.O. take no offence if it is not you I promise I would find someone else to shift any blame on.
Now, that you have seen my journal's creation how about you all go make one. It does not have to be a theme of dreams anything will do. Just go make something that will make your heart sing.