Friday, September 4, 2009

My expression through Art Journal pages

I am not one for writing words. I have tried, but my feelings and emotions just seem to get jumbled up. Plus words are so easily misinterpreted that I have found the use of images a better way for me to express myself. I can record whatever I am feeling at the time with the right image (s). I have found that through images my feelings and emotions are so much clearer and true. I don't try to soften or harden whatever I am feeling when I don't use words. I guess in a simple sentence my journals are now more honest. I am not hiding anything. Everything is right there for all to see. I am enjoying the freedom of this.

The journal page below was inspired from an Open mind challenge. I was stumped then I saw the image; then a good friend of mine names Elena emailed me the exciting news of her being a Grandma for a second time. It just flowed from there. I hope you can see the excitement I know she is feeling; and the through the softness of how I feel whenever I think of new born babies. They are such a joy and gift.

I hope that through your own journaling that you have found a way to be honest and not hide in the shadows. The weekend is upon us. Enjoy it with family and friends. Then make something that will help you remember those feelings for those are what will give you joy through the years. They are our gift to ourselves.