Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Award

This award was given to me by Valerie Brincheck. She is one of the most talented and giving artist out there. So having her send it my way is a wonderful surprise. The point of the award is to pass it on to 5 other fun and interesting blogs. Plus give 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Here are the 5 blogs I would like to pass it on to:
Elena - She is a dear friend of mine and her blog is always up to date with her newest creations of zetti
Sue - Her watercolor pictures of animals are just amazing. In fact thanks to her my Christmas gifts are almost done.
Pam - Though I do not know Pam personally other than through her classes I have found her blog and her willingness to help her student just a joy. Her classes have helped me more than I can say. Really like this lady
Carol - Her blog is always so full of new ideas. From her book kit's she sells to new finds and fun food. She is one of the those people that brings a smile to your face every time you visit her blog.
Stacy - This woman is a wonder. She is really to happy. Her blog is one that is full of color and just plan happy. She is the scrap booking queen who is always giving.
OK, now for the 5 facts:
1. I received my love of art and crafts from my Grandmother. She was and is a constant joy in my heart. I lost her quite a few years ago; but the impression she left with me will be with me forever. I love and miss you Grandma
2. I have absolutely no directional skills. I can and have gotten lost in a small town of less then 5000.
3. I love candy corn. Not just any candy corn but Jelly belly candy corn.
4. I have been married for 23 years.
5. If I could have super powers and live forever I would have the power of flight. OK, two super powers I really do want to live forever. How cool would it be to see all the changes this world is making and discovering.

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Sue said...

ahhhh! thanks for the award! Being Santa is fun - and - I should reward YOU for the referrals