Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stamps are not only for paper

Here is my first protrait.  The first picture is the sketch before I painted it.  I see lots wrong with it; but for my first go at it I am not unhappy with  the results.  I have a long way to go but as with everything practice, practice. 

These are two journal pages I have done for one of the circle journal groups I participating in.  I have decided that I need to start using more words.  Not neccessarily to tell a story; but to convey what I am feeling.  I don't want my pages to take the viewer by the hand; I want them to interprete what they will.  But, saying that, I guess I am wanting to make them (the viewer) a bit more aware of the feelings I am having when I create them.  The essence if you will.  I hope that may since.

Side note where is spell check on this new blogger?  Grrrr Sorry moving on.

These pictures are of a dresser I did.  I used silver leafing, and stamps.  I thought it would be fun to show you other foundations that stamps can be uesed on other then paper.

The stamps I used are from the Tim Holtz collection.

I had a good time creating this dresser for a small home decor shop in my home town of Sunnyside. 

I find that sometimes we find a foundation we like such as paper and forget that there are so much more out there that we can use as our foundation.  Furniture is one.  Mirrors that you don't like the frame on.  Try some silver or gold leaf and watch as the peice is entirely transformed.

Take a look around your home see if there is something you can make new again.  Both of these pieces can be seen at Melange in Sunnyside. 

Christmas is coming, time for family and friends.  Look around your home and see what you can transform and as your family and friends come to visit they may be surprised that paper is not the only thing you can make beautiful. 

Now go create something the time is short and leaving your mark no matter how you decide is always a good thing.


Tammy Freiborg said...

What an amazing "first" portrait!! Love the journal pages and dresser!

Melissa S. said...

What a terrific first portrait....really like the 'naturalness' of it. Great job! Glad you shared the stamp/leafing idea on the dresser--very cool.

freebird said...

Enjoyed my visit! That portrait looks a lot like the picture of you to the left of it. Take a look! I think it turned out super for a first portrait and great even if it wasn't. I haven't dared try one yet.

Your dog Murphy looks like a brother to my dog Sarah!

It is good to be reminded we don't have to work on just paper. I do tend to get in a rut now and then.

Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

If this is your first portrait Tracy I sure can't wait to see what's next!!!! Crikey I can't believe this is your first....its awesome...I can't even draw an eye!!!! Love your quotations widget....please let me know if that quotation of "doing today is important" is written by you or someone else...cause I wanna add it to my quotation journal if I may.
Thanks I'll be back for another visit!

juliet said...

absolutely gorgeous. i love your portrait and do not see a single thing wrong with it! did you take the goddess and poet class from suzi blu?