Friday, November 6, 2009

When you are touched

It been sometime since my last post. There are several things I have a need to talk about. One is, I have a short tutorial on shading I will be putting up. But, if you really want an in depth class on it, I highly suggest you take Pam Carriker's class "Shades of Gray" on It really is a wonderful class.

The other thing that I would like to say is the shooting at Fort Hood in Texas is such a waste and a tragedy. If you don't want to go to war DO NOT SIGN UP!!! People, that is what the military is for. Sorry but that is the simple truth. They are there to keep us safe. That means war will come up. It breaks my heart that this would happen. My prayer and thought are with you and your families.

Now to the main reason for this post. There is a dear friend of mine named Elena. We got to know each other through several groups I am on. Then I was lucky enough to meet her face to face in Port Townsend, WA at a Teesha Moore workshop. Once we got there it was as if we recognized each other. As if we had been friends forever. This has only happened one other time for me. I do not make close friends easily. But, Elena well she is just the most special person. Right now she and her family are going through a very heart breaking journey with her father. He has been diagnosed with cancer. It has spread through his entire body.

I have gone through this with my nephew Heath. I understand the heartbreak, the helplessness. The knowledge that your love and support will not fix this. Saying this I also can say that my pain is very different from Elena's. I have come to believe that even when you go through the same experience the pain for each of us is different and very personal. So I want to ask each and everyone who reads this to please keep her and her wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers.

There is a wonderful group Elena and I are part of. It is called Soul Journaling. It was put together by Sarah Whitmire. She came up with a very loving and supportive idea. It was for everyone to send Elena a card with "soul journal love". I want to share my contribution. I decided not to do a card. I have a couple lovely pictures of her family and wanted to incorporate them. The art piece below is my vision of comfort for Elena.

If you have a minute take time to drop by Elena's blog and give her a word or two of support, I know she would greatly appreciate it.


ginag said...

Oh Tracy, your heart and soul went so deeply into this exceptional piece of Art for Elena...bless you!
Gina G

Elena said...

OMG Tracy!!! You made me "BOOGER CRY" as you call it!!! This is just so amazing. I too felt a connection with you the moment we met. Maybe we were siters in another life!? Thank you so much my friend. Words can not start to express my gratitude!

Tammy Freiborg said...

Beautiful work of art and gift! Wonderful story of connection, friendship, and support!

freebird said...

Great post. Yes, every death is different and unique. The loss is different and unique. I've lost many of the people I love and every time it's new emotions but you do gradually realize you'll get through it but even how long that takes varies. It's good Elena has a great friend in you and I am sure she'll cherish your gift.

Ft. Hood is a tragedy but I am so proud of the soldiers and the security guard for protecting one another and blocking entrance to the graduation hall. Unarmed they used their own bodies to stop the gunman until the security officer exchanged gunfire with him. I'm proud of them for handling such an unexpected occurrence so well.

Socrates said...

That is a stunning piece. All soft and gentle. It's a wonderful way to express your feelings.