Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angels and Christmas

I have been participating in Pam Carriker's class Angels Anthology on Crescendoh  This is my completed canvas.  I like it over all; but must say it is such a huge departure from what I am comfortable with. 

That is why you take classes from instructors you trust.  I am a huge Pam fan.  I have taken every class she has given and have not been disappointed once.  The technique may not always be "me" so to speak; but I always learn and she is one of the most giving instructors out there.  She truly holds nothing back.  Ask her and she will share whatever is in her power to.  I can honestly say I have grown as an artist because of her instruction. 

On one of my yahoo groups we are sharing photos of what our slice of the world looks like during this time of year.  One of my dearest friends lives in Key Largo and it is beautiful; 84 degrees sand and surf right out her window.  A couple other members live in Australia and it is gorgeous.  Then you come back to the USA and Eileen shows a picture of the Bronx out of her living room window.  Amazing does not even explain.  The colors of the skyline as the sun is coming up over the river. 

I thought I would share with you some pictures of my little place in the world.  It is beautiful, it has the feel of Christmas.  But, I will say it is a pain in the butt getting around.

The above picture is from the top of my drive way to the street.  Nice and icy to say the least.  Pretty yes; driving in not so much.

The picture below is part of my driveway as well.  As you can see the icy slick look continues with gusto.  Believe or not my husband shoveled the snow off last night around 6:30 pm.  These pictures were taken around 7:30 this morning.

Last but not least is my front yard.  I love looking at it.  I wish it would stay pristine; but if you look real close you can see little paw prints mucking up the pretty picture.  Those little paw prints are from my two pups.  Who love to bring a little of that lovely snow back into the house after they have taken their morning romps, afternoon romps, evening romps.  Just so you know those romps are potty breaks.  They will not stay long in the cold snow.  The reason why is simple, our snow is not soft.  It is icy hard. 

Murphy and Daisy decided they had had enough of staying inside and wanted to go to the park and play.  They love and I mean love to play fetch.  I have a chuck-it that helps me get some length out of my throws.  They do not run nice either that is why we have to go to the park.  They run after the tennis ball as if they are 4 legged linebackers. 

There is a rule that they have come up with themselves.  It is as follows;  Daisy brings the ball back, and only Daisy; but in order for Daisy to bring the ball back she either has to get there first or chase after Murphy until she is along side of him.  Once she is along side he drops the ball for her to return to me.  Murphy is a poop about this rule at times.  He will run in circles until Daisy is able to catch up.  He does not return the ball to me; just runs in circles until poor Daisy can grab it out of his mouth or he drops it.

Here are some pictures of poor Murphy (Daisy refused to sit long enough to have her picture taken it is beneath her) I know it is a bad picture but I had to show you his forlorn face.  He is one hurting pup.

Now that I am really looking at these pictures it is hard to see.  He played so hard that he shaved his hair off between his toes (the white skin part).  In other words he now has a very bad case of razor burn thanks to the ice.  Daisy has the same but she refused to let me take a picture during her time of agony.  I know I should feel more sorry for them.  But, believe me they do this every time.  I try to slow them down and it does no good.  So I just go with it.  As long as I can keep them from any real injure like sprains or muscle pulls I just let them go at it.  There is a small up side to this.  They leave me alone for a good 4 or 5 days.  I can work on Christmas, clean the house and work on art without the constant nag of lets go play.  

May your days during this time of year are full of fun and as my pups would attest to no razor burn.    

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas cornucopia's

Here are some cornucopia's I am making to put little gifts in for family and friends.  Every year I try to come up with something fun and different to present my little gifts in.  I was at Craft Warehouse and spotted these little paper mache' cornucopia and for a $1 could not resist.  Are they not fun. 

Now to see if I can decorate all 20 somewhat differently by the next week or so.  To decorate them I decided to use whatever Christmas stuff I had instead of purchasing the new paper's and ribbons.  It is becoming quite the challenge.

Here is a close up of the flower on the front.  I used tattered angel's mist on a white flower.

These rosette's are made with Tim Holtz's new die.  They are fun and easy to make. 

Now as the Christmas holiday becomes ever closer I tend to pick up the pace when it comes to creating my packages.  I wish I could have all these made a head of time; but I am always working right up to the deadline every year.  I wait until it is almost time to give out my gifts before I get started on my wrappings.  I guess I just work better under a deadline.  That is my story and I am keeping to it. 

I hope you enjoy this time of year.  Try not to get to wrapped up in the expense of the holiday season.  Look at what you can create.  Make something whether it's the packaging or the gift itself.  It is personal and made with love.  Though purchased gifts are awesome; there is something about opening a gift that someone has made with you in mind.  Just something to think about. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

What have I been doing?

I found Lisa Bebi blog and fell in love with her technique of painting over magazine pictures.  I have the hardest time learning tones and this technique is awesome.  Not only do you learn your tones with paint, you almost always end up with an amazing piece of art. 

This particular face had many different shades of eye make up and her hair was up.  I painted over that and have added longer hair; slowly making her mine own. 

If you scroll through Lisa's older post I believe somewhere in October you will find a video she did showing her do this technique. 

The next few photo's are of a portfolio that will house different background ideas from a round robin I am in. 
This is the front.  I used Webster pages, the closure is spinner and a metal tag "altered" by Tim Holtz.  I used various ribbons and rubons, the flowers are from Prima. 

This is the background. I created for my first contribution.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A plan book for Deric - this and that

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  It is summer and this is the time I am the most busy with Search and Recovery.  Between trainings (which is 99%) and missions art tends to take a bit of a back seat. 

Murphy was able to locate 3 burn victims.  I was very proud of my little dog.  Fires are not something I train for and he has done two and has recovered on both.  Here is a picture of him.  No it is not very professional but it is one of my favorites.  It really does show his personality.

He tends to be a comedian and when we are training or doing a demo (which is where the picture below came from) he likes to put a show on.  So I can attest to the statement of dogs and children will not only make a liar out of you they will out stage you every darn time. 

Now to the art stuff.  As I said in my last post I have gotten reacquainted with my scrapbook papers. 

My nephew Deric started a new school this year and the curriculum is towards college.  He explained to me that since he will be having many difficult projects going at once he needed a room that would be more functional to this. 

To make the room what he wanted and so that as he acquired the furniture and decor he could keep the room on an even flow vs just hob podging it.  After talking over with him what he wanted I put a planning book together for him.  That way he could take it with him when he goes shopping.  Plus it is a added bonus for us when purchasing him his Christmas and birthday gifts. 

The first page is the rooms dimensions. The following pages are ideas from potter barn teen.  I used those pictures as a jump off for him to find inspiration.  The point was having furniture that was 1. correct in the size and 2. give pictures of furniture he said he liked.  I then left several pages and envelope free here and there through the book so that he could cut out pictures or write out ideas of his own and place in the book.
The last page is for the photo of before the transformation and a place for the after picture. 

The paper are mostly from Graphics 45 line Gentlemen.  I used a few scrap papers here and there for framing out the inspiration pictures.  The dividers are metal. 

I hope he likes it and finds it useful as he changes his room to what what will work for him and his new academic life. 

Once the pages were completed I used my bind-it-all.  Just love that little machine. 

I hope your weekend is full.  Enjoy your life and do for others when you can.  It will make your life that much fuller. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Box for Elena

I have been going off my usual path lately.  I have been totally inspired by Tammy Tutterow her blog is just stock full of scrapbook amd home decor ideas.  It is eye candy for someone who loves scrapbook paper.  What she creates is amazing and beautiful.  She has made scrapbook more about art vs only pictures.  Loving that.  I have been so inspired that this weekend is going to be a scrapbook weekend for me.  Cannot wait, the ideas are just a flowing. 

I love and I mean L O V E Webster pages.  Their pages are works of art.  So with that in mind I created this little box for my friend Elena.  I have given her this sweet little calender that is all about Disney.  I needed a little box to store the number tiles that make up the dates in it. 

If you know Elena you are aware of how she adores her little grandchildren.  In April she received a second little girl.  They are both just beautiful with black hair, light skin children with the most amazing eyes.  I decided for this particular box I would put her oldest on the top of the box.  Make it that much more personal.  This sweet heart is so very photogenic it is insane.  I found several poses she had done during a wedding they had attended.  But, I really liked this particular pose because of the super model pout.   

Is she not just adorable.  Elena and her family love Disney land so I am hoping that this will remind her of all the memories she is making and those she will in the future.


I am really pleased on how it turned out.  I think she will love it. 

Have you found a blog that has inspired you to take another look at your supplies.  Remind you of what you loved about those supplies that you have let set around or are just collecting because they are beautiful to you? 

May you finds some time to use those supplise and create something for someone you care about or just for yourself.  Supplies are to be used not collected.  There are so many new things coming out you just may find a new favorite. 

Find blogs that can inspire you, then drop them a note and let them know how they inspired you. 
Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A beautiful view to wake up to

This is what I get to look at every morning when I go to train dogs in Stevenson, Wa.  Can you imagine anything better.  Yes, we are out in the woods by 6:30 a.m. it is a short drive of 15 minutes or so to see this. 

After a few minutes of looking at this we are off and running.  It is so beautiful and peaceful.  When ever my soul needs a little lifting nothing does it better then this place.  It reminds me of where I grew up in Lewiston, Idaho. 

Here is the boy who passed his test.  He had a rough start for his big day.  In the area we had set up for his test he put his nose into a wasp nest.  After about 10 minutes of making sure all the wasp were gone and all stingers were removed Eileen decided to do the test in another area that had been set up for my dog Murphy.  This was a pretty big thing for Eileen to do because that area had been set up  for Murphy (my dog) who has been certified for over 3 years.  We had that area set up with a pretty high degree of difficulty. 

Well Dante worked the area and correctly located and indicated on 3 sources in less then 15 minutes.  Pretty amazing little dog.  Here is the new certified dog team. 

Is he not just handsome?

Then after testing and training were completed for the day we sat on Karen's deck and enjoyed a nice cold beer and a dinner of ribs, corn on the cob and watermelon.  I cannot think of a better way to enjoy the evening.

I hope your weekend was inspirational and full of good times and friends.  I have found my passion for dog training and art have a lot of similarities. 

The one that stands out the most is how it has brought me one of the most amazing woman I have ever met.  She has become so important to me that I cannot image my life without her.  I am so very lucky to have Karen in my life and be able to call her my friend. 

Art has brought the other woman in my life that I feel blessed to have met and be able to call friend and that is Elena.  To be blessed with these two women who feed my soul and have made me a better person; is something I thank God for everyday.  I am a very luck woman.

I hope that your passion brings you the joys that mine have and continue to.  I believe that a passion should not only feed your soul but in some way make you a better person for those around you. 

Now go feed your passions.  Help them grow and may they bring wonderful people into your life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New sketch

First off here is the canvas all framed and ready to go off to its new owner.  I had such a good time making this. 

I enrolled in Sharon's faces in technicolor class.  This lady is the sweetest and this is the second class I have taken from her.  Although my time has been very restricted so my class time has not been what it needs to be.  So last night I did a sketch that I will do on canvas for this class.  I won't be able to really work on it until Sunday or Monday; but thought I would give you a quick show of what I have started.

I see sveral things I would like to change on her such as her hair and her mouth is to plump on the bottom.  But over all I like it and think it will turn out well on canvas.

The canvas below was prepared using several different Goldens heavy body colors as well as different papers.  I have started the sketch in pencil.  The nose looks funky but will be cleaned up once I start painting.  The hair is was I am having the most difficulty with for some reason.

The left side will all be in shadows.  I am looking forward to working on this. 

I am off for the weekend to my friends in Stevenson Washington to do some dog training.  I will also be helping test a new dog in cadaver.  Wish this handler lots of luck.  The dog and handler are a wonderful team; but testing is always a nervious thing for handlers. 

My first test for Murphy I made myself so sick I was in bed for 2 days after the test.  The test its self went OK had lots of bumps but I truly just did not care I was so sick.  I beleive that is the only reason we passed.  I stayed out of Murphys way and he pulled me through.  That is what teams do.  When one member is down the other shoulders the responsibilty.  It does not matter if it is a dog or human.  When you train and spend a lot of time together you develop an understanding of each other.  

It has been a while since I have seen Karen and Emmi.  I am looking forward to arguing and talking dog training with her.  Setting on her back deck with a beer and looking at the view of the Gorge is something to behold.  Especially after a long hot day of training and or testing.  Yes, a weekend I am excited about.  I will show you pictures of the area when I get back. 

Now everyone have a wonderful weekend doing something that you feel passionate about.  This day will only come one time so treasure it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Warrior woman Canvas

OK, finally completed the canvas.  As you saw in my last post her face was a bit too red; I was able to correct this and add a couple other elements.  This was really fun to create.  I have wanted to incorporate people I know and love into my art; I think I have finally found a way.  Let the fun begin as the say. 

Who does not want to be James Bond, a hot warrior chick or super model.  I love fantasy and all the possibilities.  I have so many ideas rolling around I cannot wait to get started.

Here is the finished piece I will get it framed today and give it to my brother.  Let me know if you see the little peeping tom lurking around.  Yes, that is a hint.

This is a close up shot showing the red has been taken out.  I am sorry for the quality of the photo.  I am still working on that skill.  Hopefully you get the idea. I also pumped up the volume of her hair.  Kick ass women always seem to have a ton of it blowing around.  Please tell me how do they keep it out of their eyes when they are doing their kicking butt routine.  Yes a question for the ages. 

I blurred him out so he does not show up clearly.  I kept him in his everyday clothes; well for no real reason. I put my brother in the piece because I remember when we where little he was always stumbling onto things, places he really probably should not.  Plus I just got a kick out of it to be honest, he is the little brother.  It also bug's him too know end seeing himself in the piece, that has a lot to do with it as well.  I am the older sister and I take my job of driving him crazy very seriously.   

I thing art should be fun.  It should incorporate things, people you love.  The imagination is our only limitation; let nothing else keep you from having fun with your art.  Yes there is frustrations when you are trying to learn something new; but that really is just part of the journey.   Make something fun, make something that when you look at it nothing but joy and pleasure is what you feel.  Summer is here enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasy inspired canvas

I told you I have been working on some canvases.  Well here is one of them.  It is a fun layout using a friend of mine.  She has no idea I am doing this.  In fact I believe once she does I may be a very dead duck in deed.  But, it will be so much fun seeing her face before the hammer gets droped on me.

I have complained many times before how I cannot work photoshop to save my life.  Well I have decided that I don't need it.  On the canvas with the help of paints, molding paste and other fun stuff I am able to put my friends face on this exceptionally hot warrior chick.  I still think there is a little to much red going on in her face but I can fix that.  (Sorry for the flash it caused the shine in the background)  I also need to correct some highlight areas. 

I have several other images and layers to add; but I thought it would be fun to share with you my newest obsession, and the process of its creation.

The below pix is showing the whole canvas.  So far she is looking pretty kick ass.  As I stated above I have several more layers to add of both paint and images.  But, the overall effect is coming off pretty good. 

Through paint, mediums and pencil I am able to create something that may of been quicker if I had the skills for photoshop; but I don't think I would of had as much fun.  I have several other pieces in mind to create.  As they come along I will post them so you can see where all this is going.

I love doing art journals they are fun and a good way to try out different techniques.  What techniques have you tried and experimented with?  What direction are they taking you?  Almost all of my art has a tendency to be a bit fantasy inspired.  I try to branch out; but I just love fantasy so I am just going to enjoy the direction my art is taking me.  In other words I am enjoying the ride.  I hope you are enjoying whatever journey your art is taking you.  Go make something fun, make something that is all about you and the things you love.  Life is short and every minute counts