Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Expanding and experimenting

I signed up for a Suzi Blu Goddess class.  I am really enjoying it.  She is a crack up.  I did not make my eyes as she instructed.  I am trying to find my own Goddess so to speak.  I am not real thrilled with some aspects; but for my second face I am liking the out come and my progression.

The technique for the ATC card below is using beeswax.  I love how it gives such an nice patina; but worry that it may melt.  Not sure what to do about that.

The journal page below is for a round robin I am in.  The theme was using only red, white and black.  I toned down the color red with water to give it a softer look. 

The below page is page 2 of the above page.  I used perfect perals in the beeswax.  I like the effect but am not thrilled with how the face of the image becomes a bit distorted.  But, love the overall effect of the page.

I will continue playing with wax.  I like the patina; but still have a ways to go to understanding how I can manipulate it to my liking.  Experimenting can and is fun.  I challeng you to play with beeswax and see what you can come up with.  If you have time drop be a picture of what you have created. 


Janet Ghio said...

Hi Traci
I love looking at everyone's Susi Blu's girls--they are all just a little different. Also your RR journal page is very pretty. Congratulations on your spread in Art Journaling magazine. I just bought mine the other day and saw it.

Elena said...

I LOVE your Goddess!!! Isn't Suzi the coolest!!?? I've already told you how awesome your journal pages are! You know I'm your #1 fan!

Amanda said...

These are all very nice. I like the look of the wax... very nice. I've not tried using wax before. It looks interesting and you do so well with your art!! THanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Socrates said...

Traci, your goddess looks wonderful. I really like YOUR interpretation, and that you're already including her in a background. I like your journal page too. I'd love to learn about bees wax. It looks very interesting. Glad you found your inspiration back.

paperqueen said...

Tracy, I love your Goddess! Don't tell anyone, but I'm not really a big fan of the Susi Blu style...but you have made it your own in a way that really appeals to me. The whole page is gorgeous, as are the journal pages you've done.
I play with wax from time to time. It is a challenge, but like you said, the patina is wonderful.
Keep on making art!

LisaC said...

Tracy, for your "second face" the outcome is awesome! I can't believe that this is only your second face... fully painted and beautiful. You rock! And you've definitely got your own groove going, great job making her "you".

freebird said...

I think it's great you are making the goddesses your own! Watching and learning how to do from someone is great and then to go make it your own is the best. Way to go!

loriidae said...

I loved the photo on flickr, but couldn't comment as I am not a member so followed you across to tell you it was gorgeous. Love the faces.
I will be really interested to see if the beeswax softens, I have read about this technique a lot, but Townsville...I was wondering if pages would then stick together.
Janet B.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Love your goddess!! Beautiful!!