Friday, February 5, 2010

Faces - online classes

I have been taking several online classes that teach portrait painting.  I am having a great time with learning the different techniques. 

Each instructor has their own way of not only teaching; but how to create the human face.  When I first decided to take these classes I wanted to be as realistic as possible with my results. Now that I have been practicing for the last month or so, I have a better idea of what I want to get out of these classes.

I am wanting to find my own style.  I am not going to ever be a traditional artist.  I have no desire to travel that road.  I am totally in love with mixed media and am wanting to learn as much as possible so I can find my own voice. 

These are a couple of faces I have completed while doing Misty Mawn's online class.  They are created using shiva oil paint sticks.  I so love them.  Just ordered more colors from dick blick.  They are just wonderful. 

I am also taking Sharon Tomlinson's class.  It started today.  As I complete the lessons I will post faces created using her technique.  She uses folk art paint and her creations are just darling.  She also uses napkins which I just love.  I have been playing with them ever since I did a swap last year. 

The other classes I am taking are from Monica Zuniga from Hand and heart, and Pam Carriker from creative workshops.  Each are totally different from the other; but I have learned so much from every one of them. 

Enjoy online classes they have so much to offer; but remember they are there to teach you techniques.  It is up to you take those different techniques and find your own style.  Don't wish to create as your instructor.  Your work is beautiful and it is from your heart that is what makes it special.  It takes time to learn the techniques you are not going to be perfect your first month or even year.  These instructors have been doing art for years.  Understand that you are just starting your journey.  Enjoy the process it is suppose to be fun.


Janet Ghio said...

Thanks for all the links. I agree with you--it's good to take classes and then develop your own style. I think it has been interesting to see the variation in faces from the Suzi Blu class. I've been making faces on art quilts for a long time--just from picking up a little here and there--now I am taking some classes to pick up more info. Love your artwork and your blog.

freebird said...

I can't seem to copy for the life of me! Even projects in books don't get copied. But it's great to try this for this and that for that pulling on all the different techniques people have come up with and tweaking to make something of my own. You are so right that the teacher's voice is not ours and we need to speak ours.

I love the page on the bottom of this post but really love the face at the top. Do the oilsticks dry so you can use them in a journal? Does the oil bleed through the paper?

Amanda said...

I think you do really great with faces. These are so pretty!

LisaC said...

Spectacular! You've really got your own style. That's what I love about that class. You learn how to do tons of things but you're not copying anything. You girls are beautiful!

Jennifer R.D. said...

HI Tracy,
Awesome portraits! I took Suzi's Goddess class the first time she offered it! Do you have any I Dream In Color journals now? I am ready to mail one and I think I should skip to you. Please e-mail me and let me know.

Shelley Malone said...

Your faces are beautiful! I can see the influences from all three of the teachers you've mentioned, but you definitely have taken them and made them your own. Nice work!

Aarti Harish said...

Wow...wonderful work..I like her pretty big doll-like eyes..

Elena said...

Tracy I love what you are doing! Isn't it amazing how your work has progressed???? I am so darn proud of you I can't stand it!!