Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

I am horrible.  I was awarded this by an amazing artist earlier in the month.   Valerie Brincheck
She does amazing work; not to mention she has a great yahoo group you should check out the sum of all ATC  .  This woman shares her knowledge and her blog is continually full of images she shares with all.  I feel very lucky to call her my friend as well as being in several round robin journal with her.  Her work is simply beautiful.

Now the purpose of this Sunshine blog is to award it to 6 other artist who bring sunshine to your day thourgh their blogs. 

These are the artist I have chosen.

1.  Socrates
2.  Jackie
3.  Elizabeth
4.  Carol
5.  Sharon
6.  Michi

Please take a moment to check out these ladies blogs.  They are well worth the time.  The inspiration you will find is amazing and wonderful.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creating outside your comfort zone

I just completed a journal that will be all about Marie Antionette.  I am not a fou fou person.  All the lace, feathers and such are very intimidating.  But, I wanted to be part of this round robin journal.  So, in order for me to step out a bit (maybe a toe) I made my Marie more in line with my vision.  Instead of staying with the traditional Marie I decided to bring her more into my area of fantasy. 

My Marie is still alive (kind of like Elvis).  She has spent the decades reinventing herself into fun outrageous people.  In this particular time she is Lady Gaga.  I could not of come up with a more outrageous persona then that. 

I guess my point to this little post is don't be intimidated about a subject matter.  Think outside the box.  Make it work for you; make it fun not intimidating.  I still need to do layout's with fou fou because the other ladies in the group enjoy that; but I can tone it down so that it is in line with how I work and think. 

Take a step outside your comfort zone you may find you like it.  You may find a way for it to be less intimidating.  Whatever the case take the step.  Whether it is a toe, foot or you jump right in, take the step.  I promise you will be happy you did. 

The pictures below are of my journal cover and inside pages.

And the below is the letter that is in the envolope.

Shhhh …… I am sharing a juicy little secrete with you. Yes my darlings; I did authorize this magnificent tell all. Doesn’t unauthorized sound so much more delicious. I feel it is my responsibility to share my many adventures that I have had through the decades. I have been so many wonderful exciting people; but I must say my latest incarnate has got to be the most spectacular yet. Don’t you just love the name Lady Gaga. Just scandalously beautiful. Hiding in plain sight is such a grand way to watch the world and all their silly misconceptions of who I was. I must say I really am to wonderful for words.

Now just imagine my adventures before and those yet to come. So enjoy my sweets the pages that follow. This is only a taste of what my life is and will be again.


Marie A

Now go create something that is a bit outside of your comfort zone and share it.  That is the point of art to share.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My learning curve

I am a fairly obsessive person.  I am taking several classes on portraits.  I love them all because I am learning to use different mediums.  Paints from golden to folk art, shiva paint sticks and pan pastels.  They each have their postitives and negitives.  I have not mastered any of them as of yet to give an adequate pro or con.  I am very much enjoying the journey of discovery of different products and how they can be manipulated in mixed media art. 

I love to take classes from people.  I don't think it is a bad thing to learn from others before you.  Through those who have come before me I will be able to find my voice and my niche in this wonderful world of art.  They are giving me the building blocks that will enable me to find my own separate path.  I do have favorites because their style tends to lean towards my own. 

As I have stated before I am in several round robin journal groups.  I am finding this a wonderful way for me to practice these new skills I am developing.  I have such a long ways to go and wish I could already be at the mile marker instead of the starting gate.  I need to remember that everyone had a first step and have been at the "starting gate". 

I not only love art but am a Search and Rescue Dog handler and am finding similarities in both of the activities I love.  Learning a technique completely before moving on is true in both of these areas.  Understand what your objectives are and learn everything you can about that before you move on to the next step.  I am trying to keep that in mind with my portrait education.  I am not trying to be absolutely realistic, but I want my faces to have a realisim about them.

Below are some faces I have completed.  I can tear each and everyone apart but doing that would lessen what I am trying to accomplish. 

This face was created using folk art paints.  She is to bright but that is OK.  These paints are wonderful because they are inexpensive.  You can use golden mediums to help them flow or thicken.

This face "lady" was created using pan pastels.  I like their creamy feel but they are not for watercolor paper and heavily painted backgrounds.  I don't know how to set them properly so I do not rub off my work.  I may not know or understand how properly to use them as of yet.  I am good with that.  For my first attempt at using them I like where I am going.

This face is done using shiva paint sticks.  So far this is my very favorite medium to use.  It could quite possibly be because I get to use my fingers.  I love the fact I can get my fingers dirty with each color I use.  I would love to practice exclusively with these; but doing so would hinder my learning curve.  Again their are several things wrong with her, but that is OK, there are several things I love about her.  So the learning continues.
Here is a close up of the first page using napkins.  I love using napkins in my art.  I need to do it more often.  I have a ton and forget to break them out; because of my obsession of learning faces forget other things are needed to enhance my journal pages.  Napkins do this every time.
As I learn and continue to show my begining works, I hope that as you learn new techniques you will have the courage to show your work and the progress you are making. Remember everyone was a beginner at sometime in their career of art, dog training or whatever your chosen path is. Until you begin you can't go anywhere. Without documenting those first steps you will not be able to see how far and how much you are learning. Be BRAVE create what makes your heart sing; go against the critiques. They are not important. Now go make something wonderful