Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creating outside your comfort zone

I just completed a journal that will be all about Marie Antionette.  I am not a fou fou person.  All the lace, feathers and such are very intimidating.  But, I wanted to be part of this round robin journal.  So, in order for me to step out a bit (maybe a toe) I made my Marie more in line with my vision.  Instead of staying with the traditional Marie I decided to bring her more into my area of fantasy. 

My Marie is still alive (kind of like Elvis).  She has spent the decades reinventing herself into fun outrageous people.  In this particular time she is Lady Gaga.  I could not of come up with a more outrageous persona then that. 

I guess my point to this little post is don't be intimidated about a subject matter.  Think outside the box.  Make it work for you; make it fun not intimidating.  I still need to do layout's with fou fou because the other ladies in the group enjoy that; but I can tone it down so that it is in line with how I work and think. 

Take a step outside your comfort zone you may find you like it.  You may find a way for it to be less intimidating.  Whatever the case take the step.  Whether it is a toe, foot or you jump right in, take the step.  I promise you will be happy you did. 

The pictures below are of my journal cover and inside pages.

And the below is the letter that is in the envolope.

Shhhh …… I am sharing a juicy little secrete with you. Yes my darlings; I did authorize this magnificent tell all. Doesn’t unauthorized sound so much more delicious. I feel it is my responsibility to share my many adventures that I have had through the decades. I have been so many wonderful exciting people; but I must say my latest incarnate has got to be the most spectacular yet. Don’t you just love the name Lady Gaga. Just scandalously beautiful. Hiding in plain sight is such a grand way to watch the world and all their silly misconceptions of who I was. I must say I really am to wonderful for words.

Now just imagine my adventures before and those yet to come. So enjoy my sweets the pages that follow. This is only a taste of what my life is and will be again.


Marie A

Now go create something that is a bit outside of your comfort zone and share it.  That is the point of art to share.


Janet Ghio said...

Oh Tracy
How perfect--Lady Gaga! I just love this idea and the idea of a Marie Antoinette Round Robin--that sounds like so much fun!! Look forward to seeing more of your pages for this RR.

Cynthia said...

Your Marie Antoinette cover is stunning and writing on dealing with comfort zone is inspiring.

I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award. Check out the details on my blog.

Paula Phillips said...

Stunning Tracy! I love how she's holding the ET. :)
Great message as well.
Much Love

Paula Phillips said...

Sorry for the double post... I just have to add that I LOVE Lady Gaga. She is very inspiring to me artistically. :)
Much Love

ayra k said...

oooh, it's so juicy (for a lack of better word), I love the cover and the letter that you included in it, makes me want to go home and make something!

Kristin said...

Hi Tracy! I'm part of the Souljournaling group and a couple others. I wanted to drop a you a note to say how much I admire your work! You had said you did the "shared experiences" as an opportunity to give and I was very touched by that! Your work always has that feel to it as well! I just wanted to say "thank you" and "I really enjoy and appreciate your work!"

Most Sincerely!