Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I have been working on lately

I have been working on several different projects since I last posted.  The first is a banner I did for my niece's 16th birthday.  I have not worked on anything scrapbook for sometime.  It was fun to make something with all those pretty embellishment I have.  Not to mention it was a nice reminder I need to do something with all those pictures I have. 

The above page and the page below are for one of my many round robin journal groups I am in.  I was feeling a bit whimsical.  Played a bit with stencils from tulip in the above page.  Then added a portrait using colored pencils.  The page below I added some bling which is so unlike me.  But, as I said before it was fun and different.
These two portraits are just for practice.  They are in my moleskine.  The above is using graphite; the one below is using conte crayon in a single color.  I saw how Pam Carriker used them in a portrait on her blog; I just could not be left out when it comes to using a different medium.   I really enjoy them.  In a way they are teaching me to be more lose.  I am very tight when drawing and this makes it very difficult to get the results I am after.  Practice practice.  That seems to be my word of the month.  I am still not happy with my shading and understanding hues.  I will get there I know just more practice.  Ok, I think I am now hating that word.  Like most people I want it NOW!!  But I think I would not appreciate my successes if it comes to easily.
Now, I have shown my works in progress.  What have you done lately.  Art is something that should be shared and given not kept hidden because you are afraid of a critic or because YOU think it is ugly.  Art is just that ART; nothing more nothing less.  I beleive art is an expression of the soul.  Sometimes it can be ugly, sometimes it is simply the practice of a technique.  Sometimes it is soul moving.  Art can and is so many things to so many people.  Share it, believe in yourself and what you have to offer.  You are worth it, you do contribute to this world.  Art is a way to say world I was here and I matter.  For it will be here long after we are gone. 


Arteefaque: (är'tə-fākt') * said...

Beautifully artistic :-)

nanke's stuff said...

That banner is just great - I know she'll love it. The book pages are very cool, and you did a fine job with the portraits... my, but you've been a busy little bee! nancy

Jackie said...

Hey Girl,
I love seeing what you are doing.I especially love the graphite portrait.It's really good.I love the expression in her face. I also got some Conte Crayons thanks to seeing pam's work.I got the portrait set and I love the colors.Are you taking her journal class?
I have been struggling alot lately with my art that's why I haven't posted. I have trouble moving past the mistakes. I love how you talk about this here. Sometimes creating things we don't like is hard .I am glad you share:)

freebird said...

Great work. Love the banner for your niece!

Socrates said...

Those portraits are great. And drawing them in red (is that sanguine?) really sets them off. And that banner is really special. What a great way to celebrate her 16th!!! (BTW, sorry to tell you, but you do bling just fine!)

Elena said...

TRACY!!!! Your portraits are so wonderful! You are my hero girlfriend!

Arlene said...

Love all the work you are doing! Interesting you should talk about "mistakes" in your artwork - I have been reading about that a lot lately it seems. Synchronistic? Maybe a sign from my muse(s) to just keep going even though sometimes I don't like what I am creating. Love that you were brave enough to share your works in progress even if you may not have been 100% happy with them! Thanks - am enjoying reading your blog.

Juliet A said...