Monday, May 17, 2010

Just living life

Here are some art journal pages I have worked on.  I have done some canvases; but as of yet are unfinished.  As I complete them I will get them posted. 

I am sorry for the delay in posting.  I am amazed how crazy one person can make their life.  Nothing bad, just the day to day activities of just living.  I don't know about you, but I am not a very organized person.  I really try to be; but well it never really happens other then little spurts here and there.  Usually I am sort of OK with that.  But, as I have added more stuff to my life it has gotten a bit confusing and the where do I start question is getting asked more and more. 

I do not do anything half way.  I have spent 10 years learning my 2 disciplines in Search and Rescue.  I love what I do; I have the knowledge to be an asset to those I am there to help.  Now, I am slowing down a bit in that area and have moved back to my love of art.  I am again asking the question I did when I started search and rescue.  Where am I going with this.  I still am struggling with the question. 

All I do know at this juncture is I love what I am creating.  I love my renewed love of decorating my home.  I am fascinated with the direction my art is going and I want to explore it.  So, I apologize for my ramblings and my slow up dating of my blog.  As I try to answer my own questions and how to find balance. My hope for you is that your life is full and you enjoy the process of learning.  Life really is just a journey where it takes us is anyones guess; but it can be exciting, frustrating and just plain maddening.  But, it is never boring. 

Find joy in your life, create and enjoy the journey.


Elena said...

You will figure it all out sweetie. Meanwhile you have friends who love you and are a safety net when you need it! Your art has developed into a deep, emotional outpouring of YOU and that is amazing!

paperqueen said...

Well, to be philosophical, where you're going is not as important as the going. Like the bumper sticker says, it's the journey, not the destination.
Well, I try to remember that.
Your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

A little diorganized...take on many things with interest...hmmm sounds like an Aquarian to me...welcome to the usual your work is beautiful!!
You are my inspiration.

freebird said...

Great post. I think we just have to enjoy each day and see what the next brings. We know what the destination is so it's the journey we have to do and enjoy. Just keep going with your art and take any path that looks good - they all teach us something and you can always backtrack in art and try a new path.