Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasy inspired canvas

I told you I have been working on some canvases.  Well here is one of them.  It is a fun layout using a friend of mine.  She has no idea I am doing this.  In fact I believe once she does I may be a very dead duck in deed.  But, it will be so much fun seeing her face before the hammer gets droped on me.

I have complained many times before how I cannot work photoshop to save my life.  Well I have decided that I don't need it.  On the canvas with the help of paints, molding paste and other fun stuff I am able to put my friends face on this exceptionally hot warrior chick.  I still think there is a little to much red going on in her face but I can fix that.  (Sorry for the flash it caused the shine in the background)  I also need to correct some highlight areas. 

I have several other images and layers to add; but I thought it would be fun to share with you my newest obsession, and the process of its creation.

The below pix is showing the whole canvas.  So far she is looking pretty kick ass.  As I stated above I have several more layers to add of both paint and images.  But, the overall effect is coming off pretty good. 

Through paint, mediums and pencil I am able to create something that may of been quicker if I had the skills for photoshop; but I don't think I would of had as much fun.  I have several other pieces in mind to create.  As they come along I will post them so you can see where all this is going.

I love doing art journals they are fun and a good way to try out different techniques.  What techniques have you tried and experimented with?  What direction are they taking you?  Almost all of my art has a tendency to be a bit fantasy inspired.  I try to branch out; but I just love fantasy so I am just going to enjoy the direction my art is taking me.  In other words I am enjoying the ride.  I hope you are enjoying whatever journey your art is taking you.  Go make something fun, make something that is all about you and the things you love.  Life is short and every minute counts

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning to paint

Here is the first page of the layout I have on my previous post.  I am trying to put the skills I have learned from those online classes I so love to take.  I did not paint the fairy, bobcat or moon.  I did do the background and rock formation she is sitting on.  Oh, and the tree behind her.  It is fun but a bit intimidating to put paint on a background I worked so hard to create.  I have no problems with the backgrounds.  They are fun to do.  The images are what throw me.  I am not going to be someone who can create people in a life like way.  I am good with that.  I just want to be able to make my people look like well people.  Fantasy people but people.  I hope that makes some kind of since.

I love images, I love cutting them out and creating a world of my own with them.  The people that can use photoshop and create these amazing fantasy images just blow me away.  The only problem I have is finding them where I can purchase their images.  Every time I find an image I cannot find the artist.  As great as google is; it is also tough when I want to find the creator of something.  Now, if any of you that see my blog create images similar to those that I use (fantasy) please drop me an email (with your email) I need to find a source for images such as these.  I am not selling any of these just playing.  So, I hope I do no offend; for that is not my intention.  I do want to be able to sell some of my pieces, but until I can find images that work for me that will have to wait.

I hope those of you that have stopped by are checking out the blog hop on my side bar.  There are some amazing artists there.  Take an evening, grab a beverage of choice some snacks and start a hopping.  I promise you will not be disappointed. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie review and new art

First off, I loved the A-Team.  Now there is something you have to know about me and my choices of movies before you take my word about this or any movie.  You know the whole disclosure thing.  I go to them (movies) to have small vacations, two hours of mindless fun.  I am a shoot'em up bang bang kind of girl.  Bad guys get what is coming to them, and the good guy gets the girl.  I live real life everyday, movies are all about fantasy for me.

Now a bit about the A-Team.  It stayed pretty close to the series.  It was a fun mindless summer movie.  Of course there are some things that bothered me.  But I am not a movie critic and am not comfortable critiquing it.  All I can say is I really enjoyed it.  It delivered what was promised; and really that is all I ask of a movie.  Not to mention pictures of bear chested hunky men.  Face was quite nice to look at.  I guess I could of asked for more shirtless time of the Face. 

Now on to my newest layout.  This is the second page of my journal layout.  I found this wonderful image of a female warrior kneeling in sorrow.  I have loved the simple lines of it and have been wanting to use it for some time.  I have no idea where I found it; but since I am not selling this I am hoping if the author sees it here they will not be to upset.  I painted the ground to coordinate with the warrior.  I found the image of the flag on graphic fairy.  What a lovely site and a sharing blog owner.  The eagle was found by googling. 

I have been feeling a bit frustrated about our world at large.  I am not interested in getting preachy or political.  Instead I am using the layout as a way of expressing my feelings.  I will upload the first page once it is completed.  I have the idea and images I want to use.  Now, I just need the time to sit down and work on it.

Remember my last post about putting yourself into your art.  Although I don't use a lot of words; I am trying to take my own advice. 

I hope you can be brave as well.  Put a bit of yourself in all of your art.  No matter how it turns out it can be nothing but real.  Truly that is all we can ask of any art piece we create

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Hop

I have never done a blog hop before.  So decided to join in the fun this time.  So just click on one of the little gadgets on the left and check out the art on these fantastic blogs. 

No art today.  I am off to the movie's to see the A-Team. 

I don't know how many of you remember this 80's TV show with Mister T; but I loved it.  I am hoping this movie is just like it.  Lots of action and just plain fun.  Even if the movie does not live up, getting to see "Face's" hunkiness should be worth the price of the ticket. 

Below is the A-Team in the 80's.  Loved Face even then.  But, I have to say Mr. T was pretty cool as well. 

Below is the A Team now.  Face is still looking good.  But, I am thinking Murdock is going to be as fun as the original.  Always have loved Liam Neeson in anything he does.  Would not of picked him but the trailer sure seems to work.  We will see.


The above link is to the trailer if you want to take a peek.  This is not an intellectual movie nor should it be.  Summer is for fun.  I am all for filling my mind with nonsense and hunkiness.  Oh, and the good guys always winning.  I am all for that!!

Have a great Friday and I hope you are doing something fun.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Completed second page

Well as promised I have completed the second page.  I am pleased how it came out.  It is how I feel and hope in a weird way reflects how Mother Nature feels. 

I have several other pages started as well as canvases.  I will try and get them completed and up in the next week or so.

Enjoy your day and create something from your heart.  It need not be for anyone but yourself.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Infusing yourself into your art

As you know I am in several circle journals.  I enjoy them very much, but I seldom really use them as an express of my emotions.  It is more about practicing new techniques with people I trust and enjoy.  As with most artist I am insecure about my art at times.  So when I try something new it is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by like minded artist. 

Now, I normally try to stay away from political topics.  I like my blog to be about things I love and that is art and my search and rescue.  But, as with most of the United States I cannot help but be heart sick with what is going on in the Gulf with the oil spill.  I do not want to get into the blame game; I do not have the knowledge nor do I live where this is impacting so many people and animals.  I love the beauty of nature and every time they show the birds, dolphins covered in oil it breaks my heart.  

This time when I was creating my journal pages for a friend I used what is happening in the Gulf to inspire me.  It helped that the this journal has a  color theme of greens and blues. 

The above piece is the first page.  I wanted to create an underwater world.  I do not use photoshop so I have to depend on my paints and pencils to soften my images.   

The above is the start of my second page.  She is called "lady of the Sea".  I will complete it and show you the end results tomorrow.  So far I am pleased with the portrait.  The elements to be added have not yet been decided; but I do know I want them to be a statement of taking care of that which you are in trusted. 

I truly do believe we need to harvest whatever energy we have here in our own country.  The energy that is brought into our country from places that do not like us needs to stop.  But that argument is for another day and for another person.  The only thing I am trying to say here is that WE must care for OUR piece of the planet.  We do not own the ocean.  It is home to so many scary and wonderful animals.  Take care of it as if it were YOUR home. 

I have decided I will start using these journal pages for more then new techniques and ideas.  I will start trying to put more of ME into them.  More of what I feel and see.  More of who I am.  By doing this I am inviting more of my art; myself to be "out there".  This allows others to have the chance to critique or criticise.  I guess I am being more brave.  I hope you will also be "more brave" as well, with who you are and your art. 

Those that chose to be cruel are very small people.  Those that give good intention criticism are those who you should surround yourself with.  No matter if it is art, politics, or religion you should never only have those that agree with you.  You need a STRONG group of friends that will tell you where you can improve yourself and that is such a good thing.   

So be brave and put a bit of yourself into everything you create.