Thursday, June 10, 2010

Completed second page

Well as promised I have completed the second page.  I am pleased how it came out.  It is how I feel and hope in a weird way reflects how Mother Nature feels. 

I have several other pages started as well as canvases.  I will try and get them completed and up in the next week or so.

Enjoy your day and create something from your heart.  It need not be for anyone but yourself.


Elena said...

WOW!!! Tracy this page is wonderful!!! Eileen will flip!! Lucky her!!! Your drawing skills are amazing! Okay.... hate you!

Rita A. said...

Hi, I came here through the Blog Hop. I'm so enjoying finding all kinds of new people and things.
You and Murphy look like a great team. I really admire people and dogs who work together to make a difference. Congratulations.
I scrolled down a bit and was floored by your journal pages. I get tired of reading the work "Pop" but nothing else describes your work. I LOVE how your images jump right off the page. Wow.

Creative Carmelina said...

I have had a peek at your older posts..and I love what you do! so inpsirational....

thanks for sharing!

ciao bella
see you soon!

creative carmelina

Sharon said...

Oh WOW, she is beautiful and you captured the messages in her expression.

Oh yes, isn't the blog hop fun. I hope to get time to hop around in the next day or two.