Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fantasy inspired canvas

I told you I have been working on some canvases.  Well here is one of them.  It is a fun layout using a friend of mine.  She has no idea I am doing this.  In fact I believe once she does I may be a very dead duck in deed.  But, it will be so much fun seeing her face before the hammer gets droped on me.

I have complained many times before how I cannot work photoshop to save my life.  Well I have decided that I don't need it.  On the canvas with the help of paints, molding paste and other fun stuff I am able to put my friends face on this exceptionally hot warrior chick.  I still think there is a little to much red going on in her face but I can fix that.  (Sorry for the flash it caused the shine in the background)  I also need to correct some highlight areas. 

I have several other images and layers to add; but I thought it would be fun to share with you my newest obsession, and the process of its creation.

The below pix is showing the whole canvas.  So far she is looking pretty kick ass.  As I stated above I have several more layers to add of both paint and images.  But, the overall effect is coming off pretty good. 

Through paint, mediums and pencil I am able to create something that may of been quicker if I had the skills for photoshop; but I don't think I would of had as much fun.  I have several other pieces in mind to create.  As they come along I will post them so you can see where all this is going.

I love doing art journals they are fun and a good way to try out different techniques.  What techniques have you tried and experimented with?  What direction are they taking you?  Almost all of my art has a tendency to be a bit fantasy inspired.  I try to branch out; but I just love fantasy so I am just going to enjoy the direction my art is taking me.  In other words I am enjoying the ride.  I hope you are enjoying whatever journey your art is taking you.  Go make something fun, make something that is all about you and the things you love.  Life is short and every minute counts


Purrplekatt said...

Wow - this is very good! Did you paint the woman too? I would Love to learn how to paint like this!

Janet Ghio said...

I think you did a great job. I would much rather do it your way than with photoshop!

freebird said...

Fun, enjoyment and learning. Isn't that what we do art for? Looks like you are having fun in your own way of working and that's what is really important. Why can't you do fantasy if that's what you like? Go for it. I'm having fun trying out lots of styles but the one thing I don't do is just a painting for a wall. Still working on the courage for that.

Elena said...

Wow! Tracy! That is amazing! You have to tell me how you did that!

Socrates said...

What an amazing art piece! Indeed, it would be faster in Photoshop, but it wouldn't look so 'real', so united and meant to be. You have done an incredible job! As always. Love the kick ass character too.

paperqueen said...

Oh Tracy, I sure do love the direction your art has taken you. Speaking as one who failed Photoshop For Dummies, I understand where you're coming from, and I agree. Much more fun to get some paint and ink on your fingers, no?

Jeanne Forsyth said...

Very cool indeed! Love your style. One day I will venture into journals, but for now my goal is to paint everyday~