Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Infusing yourself into your art

As you know I am in several circle journals.  I enjoy them very much, but I seldom really use them as an express of my emotions.  It is more about practicing new techniques with people I trust and enjoy.  As with most artist I am insecure about my art at times.  So when I try something new it is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by like minded artist. 

Now, I normally try to stay away from political topics.  I like my blog to be about things I love and that is art and my search and rescue.  But, as with most of the United States I cannot help but be heart sick with what is going on in the Gulf with the oil spill.  I do not want to get into the blame game; I do not have the knowledge nor do I live where this is impacting so many people and animals.  I love the beauty of nature and every time they show the birds, dolphins covered in oil it breaks my heart.  

This time when I was creating my journal pages for a friend I used what is happening in the Gulf to inspire me.  It helped that the this journal has a  color theme of greens and blues. 

The above piece is the first page.  I wanted to create an underwater world.  I do not use photoshop so I have to depend on my paints and pencils to soften my images.   

The above is the start of my second page.  She is called "lady of the Sea".  I will complete it and show you the end results tomorrow.  So far I am pleased with the portrait.  The elements to be added have not yet been decided; but I do know I want them to be a statement of taking care of that which you are in trusted. 

I truly do believe we need to harvest whatever energy we have here in our own country.  The energy that is brought into our country from places that do not like us needs to stop.  But that argument is for another day and for another person.  The only thing I am trying to say here is that WE must care for OUR piece of the planet.  We do not own the ocean.  It is home to so many scary and wonderful animals.  Take care of it as if it were YOUR home. 

I have decided I will start using these journal pages for more then new techniques and ideas.  I will start trying to put more of ME into them.  More of what I feel and see.  More of who I am.  By doing this I am inviting more of my art; myself to be "out there".  This allows others to have the chance to critique or criticise.  I guess I am being more brave.  I hope you will also be "more brave" as well, with who you are and your art. 

Those that chose to be cruel are very small people.  Those that give good intention criticism are those who you should surround yourself with.  No matter if it is art, politics, or religion you should never only have those that agree with you.  You need a STRONG group of friends that will tell you where you can improve yourself and that is such a good thing.   

So be brave and put a bit of yourself into everything you create. 


freebird said...

Lol, and asking for people to be kind with any criticsms doesn't hurt. That's what I just put in the beginning of a new journal I made for a class I am in. I typically only put my happy side in my journals and was just asking someone else if I was being honest that way (not expecting an answer from him). I want my grandkids to like my journals when they are older (they love them so far) and don't know just how far to go in putting thoughts down on the pages - all my thoughts. That is scary as I see you think also. I think there is a way to do it - just as you are doing on these pages. You are stating a problem and maybe what you wish but you aren't (or haven't here) made any judgements. That may make your pages more interesting as the viewer if there are any, is left to decide for themselves. Your pages look great so far.

paperqueen said...

I love the completed page and am loving the lady of the sea too...wondering what more you'll add. She's fierce and dramatic looking, and just seems like someone with very deep thoughts. Or is that you?
Oh I do agree about who we surround ourselves with. First of all, we need to have some community of people who "get" us...could be those who inhabit our day to day lives, old friends we seldom see but still are close to, or those special people who understand us, even though they seem to live in the computer and not the "real world."
If all my friends shared all my beliefs I'd probably be a very lonely person. At the end of the day, what's important to me in a friend is trusting that person, feeling better having been with or communicated with that person, and knowing that person has genuine good feelings about me.
Oh, and I also believe that as long as the art we make comes from our hearts, it will always reveal something of our selves...even without words.