Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning to paint

Here is the first page of the layout I have on my previous post.  I am trying to put the skills I have learned from those online classes I so love to take.  I did not paint the fairy, bobcat or moon.  I did do the background and rock formation she is sitting on.  Oh, and the tree behind her.  It is fun but a bit intimidating to put paint on a background I worked so hard to create.  I have no problems with the backgrounds.  They are fun to do.  The images are what throw me.  I am not going to be someone who can create people in a life like way.  I am good with that.  I just want to be able to make my people look like well people.  Fantasy people but people.  I hope that makes some kind of since.

I love images, I love cutting them out and creating a world of my own with them.  The people that can use photoshop and create these amazing fantasy images just blow me away.  The only problem I have is finding them where I can purchase their images.  Every time I find an image I cannot find the artist.  As great as google is; it is also tough when I want to find the creator of something.  Now, if any of you that see my blog create images similar to those that I use (fantasy) please drop me an email (with your email) I need to find a source for images such as these.  I am not selling any of these just playing.  So, I hope I do no offend; for that is not my intention.  I do want to be able to sell some of my pieces, but until I can find images that work for me that will have to wait.

I hope those of you that have stopped by are checking out the blog hop on my side bar.  There are some amazing artists there.  Take an evening, grab a beverage of choice some snacks and start a hopping.  I promise you will not be disappointed. 

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Musette said...

This is beautiful Tracy! I love your work and you always inspire me! Thanks so much! Have a great week!