Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie review and new art

First off, I loved the A-Team.  Now there is something you have to know about me and my choices of movies before you take my word about this or any movie.  You know the whole disclosure thing.  I go to them (movies) to have small vacations, two hours of mindless fun.  I am a shoot'em up bang bang kind of girl.  Bad guys get what is coming to them, and the good guy gets the girl.  I live real life everyday, movies are all about fantasy for me.

Now a bit about the A-Team.  It stayed pretty close to the series.  It was a fun mindless summer movie.  Of course there are some things that bothered me.  But I am not a movie critic and am not comfortable critiquing it.  All I can say is I really enjoyed it.  It delivered what was promised; and really that is all I ask of a movie.  Not to mention pictures of bear chested hunky men.  Face was quite nice to look at.  I guess I could of asked for more shirtless time of the Face. 

Now on to my newest layout.  This is the second page of my journal layout.  I found this wonderful image of a female warrior kneeling in sorrow.  I have loved the simple lines of it and have been wanting to use it for some time.  I have no idea where I found it; but since I am not selling this I am hoping if the author sees it here they will not be to upset.  I painted the ground to coordinate with the warrior.  I found the image of the flag on graphic fairy.  What a lovely site and a sharing blog owner.  The eagle was found by googling. 

I have been feeling a bit frustrated about our world at large.  I am not interested in getting preachy or political.  Instead I am using the layout as a way of expressing my feelings.  I will upload the first page once it is completed.  I have the idea and images I want to use.  Now, I just need the time to sit down and work on it.

Remember my last post about putting yourself into your art.  Although I don't use a lot of words; I am trying to take my own advice. 

I hope you can be brave as well.  Put a bit of yourself in all of your art.  No matter how it turns out it can be nothing but real.  Truly that is all we can ask of any art piece we create

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Creative Carmelina said...

Hey you!
i'm glad you came by to see me!

and the A-team review...
well i'll have to wait till it's out for rent to compare notes! lol

come again!
ciao bella
creative carmelina