Friday, July 16, 2010

New sketch

First off here is the canvas all framed and ready to go off to its new owner.  I had such a good time making this. 

I enrolled in Sharon's faces in technicolor class.  This lady is the sweetest and this is the second class I have taken from her.  Although my time has been very restricted so my class time has not been what it needs to be.  So last night I did a sketch that I will do on canvas for this class.  I won't be able to really work on it until Sunday or Monday; but thought I would give you a quick show of what I have started.

I see sveral things I would like to change on her such as her hair and her mouth is to plump on the bottom.  But over all I like it and think it will turn out well on canvas.

The canvas below was prepared using several different Goldens heavy body colors as well as different papers.  I have started the sketch in pencil.  The nose looks funky but will be cleaned up once I start painting.  The hair is was I am having the most difficulty with for some reason.

The left side will all be in shadows.  I am looking forward to working on this. 

I am off for the weekend to my friends in Stevenson Washington to do some dog training.  I will also be helping test a new dog in cadaver.  Wish this handler lots of luck.  The dog and handler are a wonderful team; but testing is always a nervious thing for handlers. 

My first test for Murphy I made myself so sick I was in bed for 2 days after the test.  The test its self went OK had lots of bumps but I truly just did not care I was so sick.  I beleive that is the only reason we passed.  I stayed out of Murphys way and he pulled me through.  That is what teams do.  When one member is down the other shoulders the responsibilty.  It does not matter if it is a dog or human.  When you train and spend a lot of time together you develop an understanding of each other.  

It has been a while since I have seen Karen and Emmi.  I am looking forward to arguing and talking dog training with her.  Setting on her back deck with a beer and looking at the view of the Gorge is something to behold.  Especially after a long hot day of training and or testing.  Yes, a weekend I am excited about.  I will show you pictures of the area when I get back. 

Now everyone have a wonderful weekend doing something that you feel passionate about.  This day will only come one time so treasure it.


Elena said...

LOVE the sketch you are doing for Sharon's class!!! You ROCK!!! I can't believe how great your drawing skills have become! STOP THAT!!! LOL!

Tessyluv45 said...

wow your drawing is amazing! my sister is an artist also but I missed out on that talent.