Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Warrior woman Canvas

OK, finally completed the canvas.  As you saw in my last post her face was a bit too red; I was able to correct this and add a couple other elements.  This was really fun to create.  I have wanted to incorporate people I know and love into my art; I think I have finally found a way.  Let the fun begin as the say. 

Who does not want to be James Bond, a hot warrior chick or super model.  I love fantasy and all the possibilities.  I have so many ideas rolling around I cannot wait to get started.

Here is the finished piece I will get it framed today and give it to my brother.  Let me know if you see the little peeping tom lurking around.  Yes, that is a hint.

This is a close up shot showing the red has been taken out.  I am sorry for the quality of the photo.  I am still working on that skill.  Hopefully you get the idea. I also pumped up the volume of her hair.  Kick ass women always seem to have a ton of it blowing around.  Please tell me how do they keep it out of their eyes when they are doing their kicking butt routine.  Yes a question for the ages. 

I blurred him out so he does not show up clearly.  I kept him in his everyday clothes; well for no real reason. I put my brother in the piece because I remember when we where little he was always stumbling onto things, places he really probably should not.  Plus I just got a kick out of it to be honest, he is the little brother.  It also bug's him too know end seeing himself in the piece, that has a lot to do with it as well.  I am the older sister and I take my job of driving him crazy very seriously.   

I thing art should be fun.  It should incorporate things, people you love.  The imagination is our only limitation; let nothing else keep you from having fun with your art.  Yes there is frustrations when you are trying to learn something new; but that really is just part of the journey.   Make something fun, make something that when you look at it nothing but joy and pleasure is what you feel.  Summer is here enjoy it.


Tammy Freiborg said...

Love the tiger - beautiful! I really like the piece with your brother in regular clothes too!

Elena said...

What can I say cookie? Your art leaves me speechless (no small feat!). This is totally amazing!

freebird said...

It's sure a fun piece and yes I see your brother back there. Is he wondering if he dares to come forward?

lee said...

These are great! have your brother and your friend seen them yet?

Tami said...

Fantastic! That is one powerful woman. I always wanted to have a tiger on my side so I loved that part of it.
Great job!

Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

that is one kick butt hot sexy brood (excuse my language) but that's what I see and I love it. She's got some style...great canvas..I'm sure your brother will be pleased.

LisaC said...

I love this Tracy! She is one hot chica and I love that you put your peeping brother into it. They will love it too! Excellent job woman!