Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Box for Elena

I have been going off my usual path lately.  I have been totally inspired by Tammy Tutterow her blog is just stock full of scrapbook amd home decor ideas.  It is eye candy for someone who loves scrapbook paper.  What she creates is amazing and beautiful.  She has made scrapbook more about art vs only pictures.  Loving that.  I have been so inspired that this weekend is going to be a scrapbook weekend for me.  Cannot wait, the ideas are just a flowing. 

I love and I mean L O V E Webster pages.  Their pages are works of art.  So with that in mind I created this little box for my friend Elena.  I have given her this sweet little calender that is all about Disney.  I needed a little box to store the number tiles that make up the dates in it. 

If you know Elena you are aware of how she adores her little grandchildren.  In April she received a second little girl.  They are both just beautiful with black hair, light skin children with the most amazing eyes.  I decided for this particular box I would put her oldest on the top of the box.  Make it that much more personal.  This sweet heart is so very photogenic it is insane.  I found several poses she had done during a wedding they had attended.  But, I really liked this particular pose because of the super model pout.   

Is she not just adorable.  Elena and her family love Disney land so I am hoping that this will remind her of all the memories she is making and those she will in the future.


I am really pleased on how it turned out.  I think she will love it. 

Have you found a blog that has inspired you to take another look at your supplies.  Remind you of what you loved about those supplies that you have let set around or are just collecting because they are beautiful to you? 

May you finds some time to use those supplise and create something for someone you care about or just for yourself.  Supplies are to be used not collected.  There are so many new things coming out you just may find a new favorite. 

Find blogs that can inspire you, then drop them a note and let them know how they inspired you. 
Have a wonderful week.


Elena said...

OMB! Tracy this is beautiful! You made me cry! Thank you so so much! I love you honey.

lee said...

gorgeous gift for a gorgeous lady! You are so thoughtful Tracy!

Tammy Tutterow said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for those kind words! I am so flattered!

Your pieces are absolutely beautiful!

Valerie B. said...

WOW ... I know Elena will love it. Absolutely beautiful but then we expect nothing less then spectacular from you my dear.

CuddlyBunny said...

This is outstanding! Love your choice of design and color and the photo! WOW!

What a wonderful, gorgeous gift!

Betty said...

Such a beautiful gift! You are wonderful!

Tessyluv45 said...

Wow I just love your blog. I was just telling myself today I need to start using my embellishments that I buy and hoard cause I don't want them to be gone. Isn't that just crazy. lol