Friday, September 17, 2010

A plan book for Deric - this and that

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  It is summer and this is the time I am the most busy with Search and Recovery.  Between trainings (which is 99%) and missions art tends to take a bit of a back seat. 

Murphy was able to locate 3 burn victims.  I was very proud of my little dog.  Fires are not something I train for and he has done two and has recovered on both.  Here is a picture of him.  No it is not very professional but it is one of my favorites.  It really does show his personality.

He tends to be a comedian and when we are training or doing a demo (which is where the picture below came from) he likes to put a show on.  So I can attest to the statement of dogs and children will not only make a liar out of you they will out stage you every darn time. 

Now to the art stuff.  As I said in my last post I have gotten reacquainted with my scrapbook papers. 

My nephew Deric started a new school this year and the curriculum is towards college.  He explained to me that since he will be having many difficult projects going at once he needed a room that would be more functional to this. 

To make the room what he wanted and so that as he acquired the furniture and decor he could keep the room on an even flow vs just hob podging it.  After talking over with him what he wanted I put a planning book together for him.  That way he could take it with him when he goes shopping.  Plus it is a added bonus for us when purchasing him his Christmas and birthday gifts. 

The first page is the rooms dimensions. The following pages are ideas from potter barn teen.  I used those pictures as a jump off for him to find inspiration.  The point was having furniture that was 1. correct in the size and 2. give pictures of furniture he said he liked.  I then left several pages and envelope free here and there through the book so that he could cut out pictures or write out ideas of his own and place in the book.
The last page is for the photo of before the transformation and a place for the after picture. 

The paper are mostly from Graphics 45 line Gentlemen.  I used a few scrap papers here and there for framing out the inspiration pictures.  The dividers are metal. 

I hope he likes it and finds it useful as he changes his room to what what will work for him and his new academic life. 

Once the pages were completed I used my bind-it-all.  Just love that little machine. 

I hope your weekend is full.  Enjoy your life and do for others when you can.  It will make your life that much fuller. 


Elena said...

Wow Trac! I love this! He will absolutely love it! You are an amazing aunt! Murphy is just too damned adorable!

the GyPsY said...

I love it, how cute! You know what I did with all my letters from family and friends (when people still wrote letters)? I binded them all like books and now I enjoy reading them!
I found u on Kelly's blog hop and Rita A inspired me to visit all 490