Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas cornucopia's

Here are some cornucopia's I am making to put little gifts in for family and friends.  Every year I try to come up with something fun and different to present my little gifts in.  I was at Craft Warehouse and spotted these little paper mache' cornucopia and for a $1 could not resist.  Are they not fun. 

Now to see if I can decorate all 20 somewhat differently by the next week or so.  To decorate them I decided to use whatever Christmas stuff I had instead of purchasing the new paper's and ribbons.  It is becoming quite the challenge.

Here is a close up of the flower on the front.  I used tattered angel's mist on a white flower.

These rosette's are made with Tim Holtz's new die.  They are fun and easy to make. 

Now as the Christmas holiday becomes ever closer I tend to pick up the pace when it comes to creating my packages.  I wish I could have all these made a head of time; but I am always working right up to the deadline every year.  I wait until it is almost time to give out my gifts before I get started on my wrappings.  I guess I just work better under a deadline.  That is my story and I am keeping to it. 

I hope you enjoy this time of year.  Try not to get to wrapped up in the expense of the holiday season.  Look at what you can create.  Make something whether it's the packaging or the gift itself.  It is personal and made with love.  Though purchased gifts are awesome; there is something about opening a gift that someone has made with you in mind.  Just something to think about. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

What have I been doing?

I found Lisa Bebi blog and fell in love with her technique of painting over magazine pictures.  I have the hardest time learning tones and this technique is awesome.  Not only do you learn your tones with paint, you almost always end up with an amazing piece of art. 

This particular face had many different shades of eye make up and her hair was up.  I painted over that and have added longer hair; slowly making her mine own. 

If you scroll through Lisa's older post I believe somewhere in October you will find a video she did showing her do this technique. 

The next few photo's are of a portfolio that will house different background ideas from a round robin I am in. 
This is the front.  I used Webster pages, the closure is spinner and a metal tag "altered" by Tim Holtz.  I used various ribbons and rubons, the flowers are from Prima. 

This is the background. I created for my first contribution.