Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angels and Christmas

I have been participating in Pam Carriker's class Angels Anthology on Crescendoh  This is my completed canvas.  I like it over all; but must say it is such a huge departure from what I am comfortable with. 

That is why you take classes from instructors you trust.  I am a huge Pam fan.  I have taken every class she has given and have not been disappointed once.  The technique may not always be "me" so to speak; but I always learn and she is one of the most giving instructors out there.  She truly holds nothing back.  Ask her and she will share whatever is in her power to.  I can honestly say I have grown as an artist because of her instruction. 

On one of my yahoo groups we are sharing photos of what our slice of the world looks like during this time of year.  One of my dearest friends lives in Key Largo and it is beautiful; 84 degrees sand and surf right out her window.  A couple other members live in Australia and it is gorgeous.  Then you come back to the USA and Eileen shows a picture of the Bronx out of her living room window.  Amazing does not even explain.  The colors of the skyline as the sun is coming up over the river. 

I thought I would share with you some pictures of my little place in the world.  It is beautiful, it has the feel of Christmas.  But, I will say it is a pain in the butt getting around.

The above picture is from the top of my drive way to the street.  Nice and icy to say the least.  Pretty yes; driving in not so much.

The picture below is part of my driveway as well.  As you can see the icy slick look continues with gusto.  Believe or not my husband shoveled the snow off last night around 6:30 pm.  These pictures were taken around 7:30 this morning.

Last but not least is my front yard.  I love looking at it.  I wish it would stay pristine; but if you look real close you can see little paw prints mucking up the pretty picture.  Those little paw prints are from my two pups.  Who love to bring a little of that lovely snow back into the house after they have taken their morning romps, afternoon romps, evening romps.  Just so you know those romps are potty breaks.  They will not stay long in the cold snow.  The reason why is simple, our snow is not soft.  It is icy hard. 

Murphy and Daisy decided they had had enough of staying inside and wanted to go to the park and play.  They love and I mean love to play fetch.  I have a chuck-it that helps me get some length out of my throws.  They do not run nice either that is why we have to go to the park.  They run after the tennis ball as if they are 4 legged linebackers. 

There is a rule that they have come up with themselves.  It is as follows;  Daisy brings the ball back, and only Daisy; but in order for Daisy to bring the ball back she either has to get there first or chase after Murphy until she is along side of him.  Once she is along side he drops the ball for her to return to me.  Murphy is a poop about this rule at times.  He will run in circles until Daisy is able to catch up.  He does not return the ball to me; just runs in circles until poor Daisy can grab it out of his mouth or he drops it.

Here are some pictures of poor Murphy (Daisy refused to sit long enough to have her picture taken it is beneath her) I know it is a bad picture but I had to show you his forlorn face.  He is one hurting pup.

Now that I am really looking at these pictures it is hard to see.  He played so hard that he shaved his hair off between his toes (the white skin part).  In other words he now has a very bad case of razor burn thanks to the ice.  Daisy has the same but she refused to let me take a picture during her time of agony.  I know I should feel more sorry for them.  But, believe me they do this every time.  I try to slow them down and it does no good.  So I just go with it.  As long as I can keep them from any real injure like sprains or muscle pulls I just let them go at it.  There is a small up side to this.  They leave me alone for a good 4 or 5 days.  I can work on Christmas, clean the house and work on art without the constant nag of lets go play.  

May your days during this time of year are full of fun and as my pups would attest to no razor burn.