Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year 2011

Wow it's here.  I am not sure where it is going to take me and those close.  I know that tears is a certainty; both heartache and joy.  I find myself thinking back on 2010 and can only say I am glad to see it closed.  Not that it was horrible; but with our economy crisis it has brought many frightening moments for us all. 

I do believe this new year is going to be fraught with uncertainty, but it is also going to bring some much needed cleaning house.  I think we all purchase more then we need; throw out what could of been used. 
I try not to make resolutions because they only last as long as the thought.  I do though try to make small changes in order to improve myself.

So the changes I am going to make are the following:

1.  Weight loss for health (I am not fat but like most carry an extra 15 pounds) this is going along the line of
     cleaning house.  Get rid of what is not good for me.

2.  Do not purchase new things unless I truly need them.  I tend to be like a bird a new shiny thing comes
     along and I have got to have it. As I have been cleaning out my studio I have found duplicates, new things
     I purchased on the spur of the moment still in their packaging.  They are taking up valuable space.  Time
     to use them or get rid of them. 

3.  This is where it becomes a bit difficult; get myself organized.  I am almost always running around in a state
     of barely making it deadlines.  I make myself upset and crazy by this action. 

     So, I have purchased a calender.  It is going to be for my Search and rescue training.  I do book keeping
     every day; creating a long account of what Murphy and my training entailed is the last thing I want to do.
     But, if I keep a calender in my car; record what happened or did not happened right at the end of training
     it is doable for me.  It will only take a couple of minutes and I am done.

4.  I am going to draw something everyday.  Nothing big but something.  Practise is the only way to become
     good at something.  Taking only a couple of minutes here and there is not going to get me where I want to
     go in my art.  So instead of becoming frustrated I will do something about it.  Be proactive; be
     responsible for where I want to go and not expect it to "come naturally".  Even the greatest artist had to

Last but not least my word for 2011 is BREATHE.  This word is to remind me to stop and be
involved with whatever is happening right now.  Stop thinking about the next thing that I wish to do.  I not only short change myself, but those around me.  I need to be engaged with what is in front of me at the moment.  Worrying about the next problem, next exercise to be completed is not helping me one tiny bit.

I hope you have had a wonderful New Year with family and friends.  If you are alone know that in my opinion that none of us are truly alone God is with you.  He is silent because at times we are so
busy thinking of the next thing or our immediate problems.  Stop and be thankful you are here; there is always good if you just stop and breathe and look.  One good thing sometimes is so much more then you thought when you take time to look. 

Happy 2011 may it be full of love and happiness.


lee said...

Heavens this could have been written by me,those ar my new years commitments too except I need to lose a LOT more weight LOL!

Elena said...

So how are we doing little girl? Have you drawn every day? See??? This is why I don't make resolutions!!! Just goals!! LOL!!!

Here's to a MUCH BETTER year!