Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's been forever and a day

It has been forever since I have posted.  For that I am sorry.  Life has been a bit busy lately and I just wanted to take a break from the computer and learn some new things. 

One of the things I learned was how much I HATE making charms.  Yes, I know it's silly.  I have no idea why I hate making them; but I do.  You wonder where I even came up with the idea to make charms let alone find out that I loath making them; it all started like this. 

An art retreat put together by my dear friend Elena in Key Largo.  Which I will talk about in my next blog post.  One of the ladies; OK two of the ladies thought it would be fun for everyone to create charms to swap.  That was the moment the red light started blinking with the words "I HATE making charms" flashed on and off. 

I tried making them out of Polymer clay.  Each batch was thrown out (3 batches).  The red light began blinking faster and redder.  I finally went to the store and purchased charm frames shrunk down some of my art pages and glued them in.  Here are the horrible little charms.  I believe I will be forever traumatised.

I have also started another book.  It is another round robin.  This is how it goes the first person begin the book with a theme.  The next person continues the theme.  For example my theme started with my word of the year.

Then I incorporated an American Indian maiden and a paint horse. 

The next page has a small bag that is full of scrabble tiles.  I thought it would be interesting if each person would take a tile and decorate it.  Whether they added it to their pages or put it back in the bag I do not care.  The point of the exercise is to show how each of our actions has a ripple effect towards another; like throwing a pebble in a pond and the ripples expand out. 

My last page is a quote that I fell in love with and wanted to have it part of this experience. 

Now, what the next person comes up with will be fun and interesting.  Will she take the horse, Indian theme or feathers that are in the horse mane and go anther direction all together.  I am excited to watch the book grow.

I promise to get my pictures up of the Art retreat.  I had such a marvelous time.  The instructors where amazing.  Ingrid Dijker who I have been wanting to meet and take a class from was amazing.  I cannot say enough about her.  She is a joy to behold.  If you ever get a change to take a class from her, please do not hesitate you will not be sorry. 

Then there was the wonderful Julie Netting.  Her beautiful women are wondrous.  She has and is spotlighted in several Stampington & Company magazines.  I had so much fun learning to make one.  Her technique is so unique and comes together to become this beautiful creature.  Julie herself is so very sweet.  You come away loving your lady.  She is very gifted and so willing to share. Again do not hesitate to take a class from her.  Your finished piece is simply wonderful. 

Then the last day of the class was with Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman.  She put together with the help of Paper Niche a wonderful canvas journal.  That way we would have a journal we could put our picture in so we could remember our fabulous retreat.  This woman is another person I came away from wanting to hug and just be in her presents.  She is so happy, talented and willing to share whatever she has with you.  Please if you get a chance these three women are what sharing art is all about.  Total giving.  Total sharing.  They are what each of us should strive to be.  Thank you each one of you for helping Elena put together not just unforgettable classes but memories of women that I will never forget


Eileen said...

Now that I'm home and reflecting on it all, I have to say, we are the luckiest bunch of women! We had classes with unique and talented teachers, and we have each other as friends. Do you realize, you can travel to so many parts of the world and know there's someone not so far away who is your sister? How many people can say that?

Sandiecris said...

Its sounds like your experience was a wonderful one, (from what I heard from Beatriz), I just wanted to say your work is tremendous.