Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sharing with each other

First off I still have to post my Ingrid Dijker's journal I created in the Key's.  I am working on it so hopefully later in the month I can upload them and show you I have made some progress with them.  I was so excited to meet and get to take a class from Ingrid.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to also find out what an absolutely joy she is as both a person and an instructor. 

Now this is a post that is going to be more wordy then art.  Sorry for that but something has been bothering me and I want to work it out here. 
I saw this on Pam Carriker's web site a year or so ago.  I have since seen it on Creative Workshops ning site.  I want to bring this over here to my blog as well.  I think it is that important.  We as mixed media artist's need to remember to share our ideas.  Don't worrying about some one "stealing" our art or knowledge.  To quote Stacy Julian the wheel has already been invented.  You can only improve or tweak it.  For instance I learned how to shade and highlight my images from Pam Carriker.  Do I think she invented it no; but I learned it from her and then tweaked it to make it my own.  I give her total credit for the beginning of my journey into mixed media.  The art I create is my own though.  I do totally believe in giving credit to those who have taught me a technique or whose images I am using.  That should always be a practice of any artist.

As you can see from the layout I did above I use shading a ton.  I believe it makes the images pop off the page.  I did not learn it on my own.  I took a class from Pam Carriker called Shades of Gray.  I learned so much from that little class about images.  So Pam has continued the circle of sharing.   The images were found on the Internet.  I have no idea who owns them; but I am not selling them nor do I claim them as my own; so I don't feel bad about using them.  I read an artist comment that if you use images from someone else you are not creating art.  I don't agree with that.  But, I do believe you need to be very careful with the images you both find and purchase. 

I guess because I love to use images and at times am either to lazy or do not have access to images on certain topics I use the Internet.  I think it is a fine line and if you are not selling and are very clear you did not create the images but are using them for FUN and to improve your techniques you should be OK.   You should ask permission if possible; but that is not always possible.  It comes back to giving credit to those you should and sharing your knowledge.  The great artist of the past learned their art from copying the artist before them.  So, be respectful, be honest about your images and art; share what you learn. 

I am trying to learn to draw; I am trying to take more of my own pictures so I can use them in my art.  I still have so very much to learn; both in copyright and mixed media techniques.  There has been so many instructors and just people who have and are helping me in my journey.  I want to continue the circle that Pam started with me.  So please ask I will help if I can.  I will hope that when you are asked you will share and help where you can.  The circle should not be broken. 


Eileen said...

I agree. When I post pictures of my work I always talk about what I did, what I used, any techniques I think people will find interesting. If it's a technique I saw somewhere for the first time I do also give credit, even if that person wasn't the inventor, that is where my inspiration came from. Many techniques have been around so long who knows who should get the credit. Michaelangelo? LOL!
I think the only thing that would bother me is (and it did happen once) is if someone copies something I did EXACTLY and then claimed it as their own. That, IMO is not right.
But for the most part I think that without sharing and collaboration nothing new would ever evolve.
And BTW, I've never seen anyone do shading on images as beautifully as you!

tess stieben said...

Great Post!