Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time well spent

I have been interested in making a paper bag album for sometime.  My parents took my nephew to Washington DC so it was a perfect excuse to make one.  I made it as a gift for both my nephew Deric and his mother (my sister) so they both would have something to remember this amazing trip he took.

Now keep in mind this is my first and there are several things I will do differently on my next project; but I love how it turned out. 

The cover is made out of heavy duty chip board from an old sketch pad.  The hinge is made out of canvas I painted.  Note to self: use sticky back canvas.

I used Tim Holtz grunge letters for the spine

I did not add a lot of extras pockets to this album.  They did not take more then 15 pictures and I wanted to include all of them.  I used the large openings of the paper bags for a place to put all their brochures.  Again though I made a few mistakes I will not do in the next journal I am very happy with how my very first one turned out.  I think they will love it for years to come. 

If you have questions on how to make one of these paper bag books there are several YouTube videos out there for you to watch.  I have to say Kathy Files, Kathryn E. Krieger, Laura Denison  are just three of some pretty amazing artists when it comes to these albums.  Check their YouTube videos out as well as stop by their amazing blogs.  They each are so very amazing in their creations and willingness to share.


Elena said...

I ABSOLUTELY love the way this came out. The pictures really don't do it justice.

Lillian Mederak said...

beautiful work as usuall Tracy
love what you did..ill check out the videos
thanks for the links

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Very nice work!